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I thought it would be good to start putting the reviews I've written, or will be writing, all into a single thread, and hope that (i.e. certainly won't mind if) other CF members start contributing reviews of their own here. :)

My two previous reviews are of:

1) the ABC English-Chinese, Chinese-English Dictionary (ECCE)


2) the Collins Chinese Dictionary, Third edition


Review number 3) (to follow shortly) will be of the quite recent Macmillan-FLTRP Chinese Character Dictionary, which comes with a Character Practice CD-ROM.

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[NOTE: I'm not sure exactly what you want from this thread. What I recommend is that each book (or book series) gets its own thread, and we use this thread to post links to those threads, and a very short summary of the book. This would allow people to easily look for books that might interest them.]

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Thanks for posting, Jbradfor! :)

I was having a think today and actually came to the same conclusion that you did: that it would be better to still create separate threads for each book or series, and post links to 'em in this thread. (Great minds and all that! :D).

I'll get round to reading your links once I've finished and posted my review (which is a bit late as a few other things came up yesterday!) of the Macmillan-FLTRP CCD.

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That's not a bad idea, Jason, and one that I was already considering doing (but was a bit wary of, as continually linking between one's own threads or posts might've risked appearing a bit too "me me me"). Now however you've called this thread a 'wonderful bounty of reviews', I'll start adding links (in the form of a simple closing line like 'More reviews here: ') from each individual review thread to the collection here. :wink: Thanks by the way for the compliments! :)

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And in the same thread as 5) above there is now also 6) a shortish review of McGraw-Hill's "Broken Marks" Chinese Dictionary & Guide to 20,000 Essential Words

(link to exact post: https://www.chinese-forums.com/forums/topic/58141-review-of-adrian-van-amstels-chinese-character-dictionary/?do=findComment&comment=453708 )

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