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Twenty Questions #1


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This is just like twenty questions, but you ask the yes/no questions in Chinese. And I won't really hold you to 20 questions (but if you've already asked that many, consider letting others ask for a while). Here's the opening hint:


Some other considerations:

If your question is of the type "Is it a ...?", please put it inside a spoiler tag so that you don't give it away for other players (in case you get it right). If you don't know how to use a spoiler tag, send me a personal message.

Besides answering yes or no, I may also indicate if you're getting warmer or cooler.

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这个东西穷人以前会怎么享用跟现在富人会怎么享用是一样的吗? 是

按照严格的生物学分类来说的话,这个东西是植物/源自植物吗? 是

以前享用这个东西的穷人都是中国人吗? 否(稍微改了问题)

或是,外国人也享用这个东西吗? 是(如果“外国人”是指来自中国以外的人)

你这里的"享用"是指吃的意思吗? 否

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