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Learn Chinese in China

How to not forget Chinese language when you don't live around Chinese people?


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I do recall it being mentioned a few times, but I figured if someone was going to claim it being helpful, I'd really love to know more about it and that search option is dang troublesome. I never advocate using it, ever**.


I was going to try it out as I thought it would be worth my time but the iOS 7  thing killed that. I have a 3GS and considering some of the "newer" 3GS's are only 2-3 years old, I find it very difficult to understand the limitation to a platform that was released only a few months ago. It *seems like bad business to me but I'm sure they have their reasons.


**use of sarcasm is intended

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I'll put this in the iOS Skritter thread too, but this could be useful if it works: http://www.macrumors.com/2013/09/17/apple-begins-offering-last-compatible-version-of-apps-for-users-running-legacy-versions-of-ios/ Apple lets you download the last compatible version of an app, if your device can't support the latest release. So in theory you can still get Skritter for the 3GS and other devices that can't run iOS7.

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I've been doing a lot more with Pleco recently and frankly it suits my needs and no expensive subscription (I already paid for a lot of upgrades in Pleco anyway) plus its lack of availability for anything under iOS 7 means that I won't be pursuing it further.


I am going to do a post soon on my current approach to learning/improving Chinese regarding flash cards. Hopefully, today... So in that sense, to keep it on topic, here's another vote for using flashcards as a way to "not forget" Chinese.

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That makes sense. I agree, flash cards are great, and spaced repetition is a bonus -- and there are plenty of ways to get that. I've also been looking into private lessons, especially for conversation and pronunciation. Honestly, since the school I used in Guangzhou offers Skype lessons, I've thought about going that route, too. In the interim I'm relying on graded readers, Skritter, and my Boya book. I might try Slow Chinese or an equivalent to keep up my listening, at least until I can get a regular teacher again.

I don't know how many people use it anymore, but years ago I used to hit up French IRC channels. There may be something like that for Mandarin. (Or, you know, Skype group chats.) I'd definitely have to wait until I'm much more advanced, and able to deal with real-time speeds, slang, and chat abbreviations, but it's definitely an option for those who can keep up.

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