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Rescuing Jews from the Nazi


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In the late 1930s when the Nazis started to exterminate systemmatically the Jews in Europe, only China and Dominician Republic were willing to open the doors for the Jewish immigrants.

Dr. Feng Shan Ho, the Chinese Consul-General in Vienna, issued thousands of visas to the Jews in Austria under eronomous pressure. Here is Dr. Ho's story:


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Many Jews in Shanghai helped the Chinese engage in sabotage against the Japanese, collecting and circulating intelligence information.

I did not know that the Dominican Republic also opened it doors to the Jews. Shanghai was certainly a city where Jews could settle without any passports or questions asked.

The Japanese did not yield to Nazi demands that the Jews in Shanghai suffer the same fate as their counterparts in Europe. In 1943, the Nazi official Josef Meisinger, the "Butcher of Warsaw" arrived in Shanghai to appeal to the Japanese to exterminate the Jews there. He said that since Germany and Japan were allies, both of them should have the same enemies. The Japanese disagreed and instead confined the Jews to the Hongkew district.

Ironically, one of the reasons why the Japanese refused to bow down to this Nazi demand was that the Nazis were racist.


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Ironically, the current Jewish community in China is the only organized religion not allowed to have a synogogue. Maybe a leftover payback for being the biggest opium peddlers?

The refusal by so many western countries can seen as both Christian based anti-semitism and continued attempts to placate the Nazi party.

The lesson we should all learn: Placating a bad gov't only leads to more trouble.

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