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Wow, John, this is great! Thank you for such a wonderful resource. I already found my first eye opener there (Separable verb).

I'd like to propose one addition to the site though. Considering a lot of reading happens on mobile devices these days, I think it would make sense to make it friendlier for the small screens. Since you seem to use Mediawiki and I can see how nicely Wikipedia can look on my phone when I choose mobile view, it seems like adding same feature to your Grammar Wiki shouldn't be difficult. (I'm speculating, of course; I never touched Mediawiki myself).

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personally I would reccomend his wiki, all the informations are useful, concise and "foreigners oriented".

I think being able to master those informations it's enough to speak properly up to an upper-intermediate level. If you need something more I'd reccommend 实用现代汉语语法in chinese, though I think an english version might exist.

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Do you welcome others to get an account to work on it? Or if we find errors, should we just contact you? [in this case, the perapera-kun instructions as http://resources.all...:_Pinyin_Popups are a bit out of date for version 9.]

Also, I assume you don't object to people linking to / quoting specific parts of it to answer questions posted here?

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Thanks for the feedback, guys. Now getting settled back into work after the CNY holiday.

@imron: I'm sure there's a pun in there too. If this thing really takes off, one day a group of the "old elite" in a BLCU basement in Beijing will call an emergency meeting about the 语法维基危机.

@paotale: Yes, we're definitely interested in getting the help of editors. Please get in touch!

@cababunga: Good suggestion. We have ideas for mobile versions, but they may have to wait a bit longer... Sorry!

@roddy: Isn't the proper term "weblog"? Intriguing idea, nonetheless...

@Don Kirkby: That's a good question! I'm fairly partial to Integrated Chinese, but I know it's not perfect. We're planning on putting up a "Recommended Books" page soon.

@jbradfor: You can contact me directly, or use the contact email on the wiki. Both fine. We will have to look at those Perapera-kun instructions...

@JonBI: We'll do C1 first, which is advanced without too much 文言文. I do plan to eventually take it to the 文言文/古文 level, though...

Thanks again, guys!

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Sorry, no ETA on C2. It might be a while.  Even A1 and A2 are still keeping us pretty busy! When we first launched the resource, it was sort of "skeletal," and we've been going through and filling it out systematically since the launch, making additions nearly every day.  The good news is that we've made huge progress on the lower level pages, but the bad news is that there's still a ways to go, especially for the highest levels!


Don't worry, though... Comprehensive C2 grammar coverage is still definitely part of the plan.

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I have made Anki decks using the Chinese Grammar Wiki webpage. I did not have the sentences used as examples translated due to too much info being given at once but you can change that yourself by copying the deck or what-have-you. So far I have done A1 (HSK 1) up to B2 (HSK 4). C1 (HSK 5) isn't completed and C2 (HSK 6) hasn't been started yet from what I know. I will put a link to Anki's website with the search box looking for "chinese grammar wiki": https://ankiweb.net/shared/decks/chinese%20grammar%20wiki .


The original website is: http://resources.allsetlearning.com/chinese/grammar/Main_Page     --where there is more info to be had. I made the decks to be convenient for myself and because no one had made any that were retrievable to my knowledge.  I love this webpage and I tell my friends who are also studying Mandarin to take use of this as well. :clap THANK YOU :clap  for a well made FREE comprehensive grammar resource.

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