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*Old* HSK Exam Dates for 2012


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Ain't dead yet, folks. It ain't dead yet.

HSK.org.cn has just yesterday posted new 2012 dates for the original HSK we know and love. It's still there, in all its glory, with 初 and 中 all jammed together in one exam. Anyone who's keen to get a vintage HSK grade may still have a chance. If I was in the country I'd be tempted for old time's sake.

Basically you've got the Foundation (基础) at BLCU in April, Elementary/Intermediate (初中) in April and June at half a dozen or so locations around the country, and Advanced (高) in April in Beijing, Tianjin and Dalian. The list of test locations has been gutted - used to be the case you could do this exam in any city worthy of the name.


Dates for the C.Test (实用汉语) are also up. No sign of the HSK office's own new HSK either.

If the above is confusing you - the HSK has a long and tortured history.

Anyone up for some old school examination-taking? Heifeng? Surely this is worth a trip to China for you . . .

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They had later dates last year, for what that's worth.

Has anyone taken an old HSK last year? Many students? I can see it still being popular with Japanese and Korean students. But I can also see the HSK office making up imaginary exam dates to justify their salaries.

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Pretty short time frame for in person registration. Anyone else having trouble getting to the 网上报名 link from the 在线服务 heading? or is it just my computer?

Has anyone taken an old HSK last year? Many students? I can see it still being popular with Japanese and Korean students.

We had a French student take the advanced last year. He was indeed the only European there. Still lots of Japanese/Korean/Indonesians though.

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There's no online registration, or there would be specific dates for that. There's a 'temporary suspension of online registration' notice from a year ago on the front page, the process was always a mess and I guess they've given up.

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I'd definitely be up for it if they were holding it in Shanghai. But having to go to Beijing/Tianjin/Dalian just to register, and then again to take the test, is just too much. I guess getting that 11 was never part of my destiny.

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I took the test last October (Advanced) in Beijing. Loads of students taking it - about 400 or so almost all Korean and Japanese. A few from Kazakhstan and also the middleast too. I was pretty much the only western laowai taking the exam (I think I might have spotted one other..but that was it).

I registered by post, so you don't have to go in person.

I'm currently working hard on my grammar and other areas and will take the test again in October (unfortunately I'm so busy I just wont be ready for the April test). I failed last time, not by miles but I have a fair way to get to really get up to the level I consistently need.

I just really hope the exam does not totally disappear before I have the chance to finally pass it!!

If anyone wanted to join an online study group by the way (or even in person if people are in Beijing) that would be great.


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Long time since I've posted, but I thought I'd let you all know that I called up the HSK centre in Beijing and... the old HSK is no more. :( So unless there is a mix-up at the centre...or they decide to bring it back, that is the end.

Although the old test was becoming a bit outdated in some ways it was still a very rigorous exam, and it is a real pity it has gone. I failed in my last attempt at the test in 2011, and had been working on grammar and writing (learning characters using RSS and I was finally beginning to nail down free hand writing as a more fully developed skill). Anyway, seems that I have missed the boat.

However, there are plenty of materials for the old exam about, I will probably take a mock test in a month or two at my school, so it is as authentic as possible. Key thing is to reach the right level and get that verified, rather than worry too much about the diploma. 文凭不如实力好。。

Is anyone aware of any new high level exams, or is the new HSK level 6 the best on offer these days? Sorry if that is covered in another thread!


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