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Does anyone know about the Master Degree in International Relations at Tsinghua?

I am applying for the CSC Scholarship and I would like to know which is the best choice: Tsinghua or PKU? or amy another like: CUPL, Beijing Foreing University, the China Foreigns Affairs university?

What do you think about the one at Tsighua?

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  • 1 month later...

Hey all,

Was wondering if there were any people here who are also doing the Master in International Relations program at Tsinghua University?

Thought it might be nice to get to know and help each other out a bit before we start in September!

So, in saying that, does anyone actually know when we should arrive in Beijing :D ?

- Kirsten

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  • 2 weeks later...

hi Kirsten!

I am admitted to MIR Tsinghua this coming fall semester too. great to find soon-to-be classmate here. :D

my friend who's studying at Tsinghua told me that new students (last year) had to be in Beijing around mid-August. the detail will be provided in the admission package.

anyway, i read your posting in CSC scholarship thread. still waiting for the result, aren't you? same here. wish all the best for us (the scholarship in particular). :D

see you very soon this August!


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Hi Dani!

Really great to see a fellow classmate! Nice to know there are others, hehe.

Hmm, that's what I was guessing, that we would have to arrive around mid August. Hopefully we'll know for sure by the end of this month!

Ugh, the scholarship result is driving me crazy! Seriously nerve-wracking, haha. I really hope we both get it... would be really, really awesome :D.

BTW, if I may ask, which country are you from?


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I'm from Indonesia. :D

I do hope we'll nail the scholarship. these 3 months waiting is seriously killing me (not that) softly. hahaha.

anyway, I read the CSC-result thread, someone from Tsinghua already got the result last May. that makes me feel insecure. oh, I emailed Tsinghua couple of days ago, and they said Tsinghua hasn't received any approval from CSC. what? :roll:


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey, Dani and Kristen! I too was admitted to MIR at Tsinghua for the coming Fall Semester - I'm from the US - glad to meet some fellow students who might be joining me there!

No word yet on CSC yet, though. Unfortunately, if the scholarship does not go through, I might have to postpone my studies in China, but like you two, fingers crossed!

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  • 4 weeks later...

Hey Yellowfour,

Nice to meet yet another potential classmate :D!

I really hope you got the scholarship... have you heard anything yet?

And Dani, have you heard anything?

Don't want to be a downer, but I think that Tsinghua might of sent the news around already to the people who were awarded a scholarship. I think that was way back in March...

But you could always email or phone them to be certain. Really really hoping for you guys!

I'm still waiting for scholarship results too, but from a student organisation in the Netherlands. I should be getting the news any day now. Luckily they do also send you a letter if you haven't won the scholarship (unlike Tsinghua -.-'), although I'm still hoping for positive news ;).

Things are going so fast. I JUST finished my bachelor exams and I am still waiting for one more test result. So that's kinda scary as well, and sorta weird seeing the masters will start in just one month haha.

Either way I'll be arriving in Beijing on the 15th of August, so if you guys happen to be there round that time, send me a message and we could meet up and do something fun!

Really hoping to see you guys next month!


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hey Kirsten,

my admission package arrived last week (finally after tormented weeks of waiting). Ms. Zheng Hang from the Department said all the packages had been sent on June 26. have you received it?

regarding the scholarship, heard nothing neither from fsao nor the Department, until I read my admission notice saying I was awarded the scholarship. I have no idea why they seem like keep the result a secret. I'll keep my finger crossed for you guys. and good luck for your last test result Kirsten!

I'll be arriving in Beijing possibly on August 23/24 and doing a little late registration. :D

surely will meet you soon guys at Tsinghua!

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Hello guys!

Untill today I never knew this website existed otherwise I would've responded earlier.

I also got accepted for the Master International Relations 2012-2014 program. Sadly no Chinese scholarship for me (I did received a Dutch scholarship though). Because of some misscommunication between me and the university I will be arriving around the 24rd of August. Yes I know the registration dates are on the 16-17th of August, but I just won't make that. I am currently backpacking and I will be back in the Netherlands on the 1st of August. The university knows I'll will arrive later and all they they requested from me is that I arrive before the 28th of August.

If I'm not mistaken we are not yet allowed to make a reservation for a dorm room yet till tomorrow. Has anyone decided to stay off campus instead? I am interested in that, because the dorm prices are quite high.

Oh yeah, has anyone done their foreigner examination report yet?



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Hey Dani!

Congrats on the scholarship! Must be a huge relief! Tis indeed quiete strange they didn't let you know sooner. All well, the important thing is you got it!

We'll probably see eachother then sometime during the last week of August.

Too bad I didn't get the scholarship. It's ok though, some applicants may of just had more impresive resumés! I'm happy for them! I did pass all my bachelor exams, so that is one huge relief haha.

See you soon :D!

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Hoi Richard!

Cool to see another Dutchy. It seems that there are a lot of us arriving in Beijing this year, haha!

Congrats on the Dutch scholarship! Nuffic China Program, if I'm not mistaken?

The dorm room registration was on the 25th & 26th, Beijing time. Were you able to book a room?

I was sooo relieved when my single room was confirmed. I didn't really feel like stressing about looking for an apartment around Wudaokou, even if living off-campus is cheaper and better. Might look into off-campus options later on though.

Yep, I got the physical examination done here in the Netherlands. You need it for the x visa. I'm not sure how that works for scholarship winners, but I'm guessing they need one too. Anyway, if you havn't got it done yet, I would look into it as soon as possible. Bloodtests alone can take up to two weeks to get results, and you really do need them for the visa.


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First of all congrats to everyone who received a scholarship.

Kike, I received a VSB fonds scholarship. This won't cover all my expenses, but it does help though.

Sadly I didn't got a dorm room, so I am forced to look for a place to stay off campus after I arrive. Looking at all the stuff I still have to arrange in the Netherlands and China, it is going to be stressful organizing everything in time.

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@ Kirsten

congrats on your graduation (one step closer to graduation day, right?) and your dorm! I wanted a single room too, but the scholarship holders are automatically reserved shared rooms. I'm thinking of staying off campus. have to secure one near campus. an extra summer job. :D

@ Richard

got one who'll be doing late registration. hehe. if I'm not mistaken, you'll be arriving on August 24. just wondering maybe we can do the regisration together. still feel guilty not be able to register on time. :P

@ all

have you guys applied for x visa?

ps: I know I say this many times, but can't wait to see you all guys! :D

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Hi guys, is this the programme taught in Chinese? I have an MA in Chinese Interpreting and Translation from the UK and am really interested in the MIR at Tsinghua or Beida, but would only be able to do it with funding. Can I ask what are the entry requirements like and how excruciating is the scholarship process?

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