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Tsinghua Masters in International Relations


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Yeah...the good thing with International Relations is that, unlike other sciences, it doesn't really require too much prerequisite knowledge of something, and even if some students have it, they'll probably make us all take those types of classes over again anyway.

Wouldn't worry too much about it!

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Thanks Ariane & Yellowfour for your responses. Your comments helped me to keep my mind at peace whether I could handle a master degree in something I have no former knowledge in.

Well I guess most of my classmates are arriving or have already arrived by now.

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Hello from Zijing building 22, at Tsinghua University, in Beijing, IN CHINA ^.^!

Ok sorry if I haven't been here to reply to messages, but the last few weeks I have had to organise so much, and it seems like the organising is far from finished.

First impressions: the campus is huge. Honestly I feel perpetually confused most of the time, haha. But, it is also absolutely awesome. I love it so far.

If you have any questions, I'll do my best to answer them. Although you'll probably get here soon enough anyway ;).

Goodluck and can't wait to meet you all!

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What's up, everyone!

I'm sitting in Paradiso right now since I don't have Wifi access. I'm ashamed to say it, but I've spent the last few days lamenting the air quality here, but I also feel myself gradually getting used to it! As an American, I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of KFC in China, because KFC in the US is quite disgusting!

Hope to meet you all soon...we'll probably see each other at the MIR orientation events!


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Hey classmates...

A large group of us met up last night at woudaokou... we might meet up again tonight or atleast one of these nights. If you have a Chinese number, send me a pm with your name and number and I'll text you when we're meeting up!

We need to get all the IR people together!

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Hi there

Glad I found this thread ^^

I applied for both Tsinghua's and Peking U.'s MIR programs (Fall 2013 intake). I ended up receiving offers from both so I'm wondering which one I should choose.. Seems some of you guys attended Tsinghua for a few months already - and since PKU is right across the street you might have heard about what's going on on the other side of the fence as well :)

Could anyone give me their opinion on which program is best, or at least their respective strengths and weaknesses?

Thanks a bunch!

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Hi bidulertrac and all,


I will be applying for the 2015 entry later this year. I am curious to know people's impression of the program and where it has taken them. Like the last message in this thread, I am eager to learn more about the experience of the program and the quality of the professors. 

Another thing I noticed is the university does not appear to offer internship placements. How are you handling job experience and placement?


Lastly, to those who've been admitted, what sort of GPA did you get admission with and what was your bachelor degree? I am studying economics.

Thank you.



PSL I hope this thread has not died, there is some great information to be found from your previous posts. A brief follow up to your experience will be greatly appreciated and helpful for future applicants.

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Hi, I am going to apply for pre admission to Tsinghua for a master's degree starting in 2016. I want to go under the CSC program so I can afford to go to grad school!  :P


What were your experiences with the pre admissions process? How did it work?

Is it super hard for foreigners to get in? I had an ok GPA at one college (did make Dean's List though) and an amazing GPA at another. My professors should give me good recs and are fairly well known in their respective fields. 

What program did you apply to-English language or Chinese?

Did you need to have a thesis proposal for pre-application? 

I'm interested in public policy and international relations. In my undergrad I focused on US-China relations with a lot of study on environmental politics and NGOs (US, China and globally). So what program would you suggest for that? I am willing to put the pedal to the metal to hit HSK 6 and study in Chinese. I should be HSK 5 by July. 

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