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China Prefecture (City) Leadership


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I'm in progress on my thesis which is related to economic growth and migration among/into China's cities, and am currently looking for a list of political leadership of the prefectures (or their cities) over the past 15 years or so. Any idea where I can find something like this? Even just a list of the head of the local Party Committee (or the Mayor) would be fine, no need for the heaviest of detail - I just need some indicator of when leadership changes occur and at what rate for different prefectural cities.

English would make things go faster, but Chinese is more than welcome also. I've had a good search in English and haven't managed to find it, while I've bumbled around a bit in Chinese without much luck (probably my own fault - seems dubious that such a list isn't available).

Much appreciated to anyone that can offer tips or help!

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Do you have some cities in mind? There are lots of cities in China. It shouldn't be too hard to find the info through search if you are just looking at one city. But if you are talking about hundreds or thousands of cities, then that would be quite an undertaking.

If you know somebody at the Organization Department, they could probably help you get the info ;-)

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Not exactly what you're looking for but the first thing that came to mind was China Vitae. It's incomplete but has quite a bit of data if you can find a useful way to extract what you need. Might also be helpful if you plan on highlighting a few specific cases in addition to the quantitative work.


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