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CSC Scholarship Results - 2012

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Great news! Congratulations :)

Yeah the online status is kind of kinky. When I login to CSC it's "currently checking", when I login to Shanghai Government system it says "untreated". I doubt they even use them after you submit your applications. Hope the rest of results will be published soon... It's been a while.

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Brian US

Congrats to those that have been awarded the scholarship! For those still waiting, don't lose hope, you may hear as late as the end of July.

Quick reminder to keep discussion to the CSC scholarship in this topic. This forum has been around for years and has a lot of information from specific school information to general living in China. If you can't answer your question through the search route, feel free to start your own topic in one of the many sub forums.

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I'm sorry to hear that you were not selected for the scholarship :( But don't lose hope! If I remember correctly, this is your first time applying for a Chinese scholarship. I'm Eastern European, just like you, and I know well how hard for us to get a scholarship to China, because our countries don't have too much scholarship schemes, and even if we have some, the requirements are just ridiculous. Personally, I have been learning Chinese for nearly 3 years now, and this is the fifth time I applied for a scholarship. Yes, it means that I failed four times before, but I was determined to go to China, so I kept applying for scholarships, and now I was lucky to get one. I don't know how many people you have around you who learn Chinese and applied for scholarships, but I can only name 3 groupmates who were exteremely lucky and got a scholarship on their first try. The other 25 failed several times, just like me, but they didn't give up.

The moral of the story: don't feel yourself bad, because luck was not on your side this time (which is the first time!), I am absolutely sure that next year your name will be on the list and you have a wonderful time in one of your preferred university. But don't give up, keep learning Chinese and applying for scholarships, because in the end you are going to end up in China.

Out of curiosity: which universities have you applied for, and when did you post your materials to Brussels? I suppose these factors are more important in this scholarship scheme than your age or occupation.

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Wow, 5 times. You must really want it. Congrats although I have no idea how you managed to keep your hope for 5 years! I'd probably change plans by then etc, anyway well done!

I applied this year for the first time and got the scholarship for one reason only (in my opinion). I did thorough research of every possibility of getting a scholarship. I sent my application to CSC, then to Shanghai Government, then to two universities directly (one was free one I had to pay for) - each with different scholarship types so there was no confusion amongst institutions with duplicated records.

I was also looking into EU Window but somethings was missing there, I can't remember what it was. So with these 4 options my hopes were a little bit higher. I knew that my Embassy wouldn't even care even though I consider myself a strong applicant. I might be wrong but I'm 99.9% sure I'll never hear back from them because my application has ended up in trash. Why? Let's say they had their own priorities or I wasn't good enough. I'll never find out. Story with Sichuan Uni was shared few posts before - ridiculous and proved to me I don't want to study there if they have such a mess and don't know what's going on.

Somehow though I was good enough to get the scholarship at the university I have applied to directly and another one through Shanghai Government Scholarship. I don't even care what my Embassy says now since I have a place at the university I wanted most.

I'd then like to recommend other people not to rely on 1 single schoalrship. If I did that and applied for CSC only I probably wouldn't be going to China today. But I am! It cost me a little bit more money (more notarized copies and 2 applications I had to pay for) but now Im getting my return. The package is exactly the same other than Im not going to get relocation subsidy of CNY1500 or so. Everything else is there.

Always have a backup plan - that's my principle in life whatever I do. I figured if I don't get a scholarship I'd do something else. Don't rely on 1 thing or else when it doesn't come you get massively disappointed cause there is nothing you can do that you've planned ahead.

Good luck to everyone, there's still time as far as I know so everyone may hear positive results! :)

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From my understanding, the zhuanxiang scholarship is for already enrolled students appealing directly to the university, whereas the Csc scholarship is handled and administered by a local body. Just my understanding.

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OK, so I have not got it. Yes, I made a rookie mistake of applying only through embassy to get Chinese Government Scholarship.

Thank you for your support, Zhangkai Rong, but I quit. I'm almost 30, and I have a job, so I won't continue studying Chinese.

Since I live in a city with no Confucius Institute, I would have to devote half of my salary just to have another chance to apply.

It makes no sense --- better take my time to figure out something different for myself...

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