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QuickPinyin - Type pinyin with tone marks (portable)


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On 5/20/2020 at 7:53 PM, vitor192 said:

QuickPinyin is amazing and I've recommended it to a lot of people. Congratulations on developing this tool, it's really useful.

If I can suggest one change, it would be to not interfere when using the Chinese input on Windows. For example, if I want to write 好 on the native pinyin to Chinese input Windows has, I need to type hao + 1 (meaning it's the first option of all the characters). If QuickPinyin is activated, it will input the first tone and for some reason become hoā. I think you should have no problem reproducing this.

Normally simply turning QuickPinyin off with the "s d f" combination would be enough, but I need to constantly change between typing in mandarin and pinyin with tone marks for the purpose of my studies. I don't know if anyone has mentioned this already, if yes, I apologize, but is there a way to have QuickPinyin auto-disable in the Pinyin to Chinese input method? 


Hi and thanks for your kind words!


I think this is the same problem reported previously, please downlaod the fix from this post:




I intend to release an update at some point but unfortunately ATM I am up to my neck in work trying to start a business and don't have the time, though do let me know if the fix solves your problem. I will get around to it, eventually.

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Hi, Manuel!


This is baoyu. I am a designer. Suprised to know that you're also using autohotkey!

I've been making a AHK script, not that good at coding though. In a lot of applications like photoshop, when MS Pinyin IME enbled, if I press a photoshop single key shortcut (e.g. the shortcut for move tool is "V" ), the IME will block the shortcut and show me a bar with a green cursor like this:image.thumb.png.ff3567b4eccd7b632da00c2b47bd3dba.png 


Then I have to hit ESC key to cancle that bar and swtich to English IME, then using whatever shortcut I want.


I've doing some research, using the WindowSpy.ahk finding that the inputbox inside the bar has its title called "CiceroUIWndFrame" and window class called "ahk_class CiceroUIWndFrame".


In a lot of software, I encountered this issue. In some software, the bar just contains a inputbox without the green cursor. I also finding that inputbox doesn't have window title but has window class called "ahk_class MSCTFIME Composition". It's the phrase "MSCTFIME Composition" leads me to here.


Here's my script:




#UseHook, On

#If WinExist("CiceroUIWndFrame") or WinExist("ahk_class MSCTFIME Composition")

    LastKEY :=A_PriorKey
    Sleep 50
    ;MsgBox 111
    ControlSend ,,{%LastKEY%}


;SetSts 1 for ON and 0 for OFF

IME_SET(SetSts, WinTitle="A") {
    if (WinActive(WinTitle)) {
        ptrSize := !A_PtrSize ? 4 : A_PtrSize
        VarSetCapacity(stGTI, cbSize:=4+4+(PtrSize*6)+16, 0)
        NumPut(cbSize, stGTI, 0, "UInt") ;    DWORD   cbSize;
        hwnd := DllCall("GetGUIThreadInfo", Uint,0, Uint,&stGTI)
        ? NumGet(stGTI,8+PtrSize,"UInt") : hwnd

    return DllCall("SendMessage"
    , UInt, DllCall("imm32\ImmGetDefaultIMEWnd", Uint,hwnd)
    , UInt, 0x0283 ;Message : WM_IME_CONTROL
    , Int, 0x006 ;wParam  : IMC_SETOPENSTATUS
    , Int, SetSts) ;lParam  : 0 or 1


As you can see I tried to bind this function to a hotkey "Tab", it works like a charm. However, after I comment out that hotkey assignment, the script just failed.


I'm using windows 10 Chinese, with only Chinese language enabled. Can you help me?

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8 hours ago, baoyu said:

I've been making a AHK script, not that good at coding though. In a lot of applications like photoshop, when MS Pinyin IME enbled, if I press a photoshop single key shortcut (e.g. the shortcut for move tool is "V" ), the IME will block the shortcut and show me a bar with a green cursor like this:


Hi there, I think I understand what you mean, but do let me know if I'm wrong. It seems this is related to the IME, not QuickPinyin. I don't have Photoshop but I have tested with MS Paint. Here is my test:

  1. Close QuickPinyin completely, so QuickPinyin is not running at all.
  2. Switch IME to Chinese and "中" mode (I use Windows 10's default Chinese IME).
  3. Focus the MS Paint window and then start typing.

Result: I get the same candidates bar with the green arrow cursor, just as in your screenshot.


Basically, I think it's normal. If you want to use keyboard shortcuts, you basically need to switch to English first. I use music production software that also uses simple shortcuts to switch tools (V, H, P, ...) and I have the same problem, I need to switch to English first. This is the biggest disadvantage of IMEs, and unfortunately the situation will not change until computers are capable of reading the user's mind!

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,you basically need to switch to English first

Yeah, of course. However, as a designer and shortcut heavy user, this interpolates my creativity and bothers a lot of designers a lot. I've never find a case when this bar and green cursor is useful. And  If I cancel that comment sign of ";#Tab", my script did work. Except for that I have to press a key😂

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5 hours ago, baoyu said:

BTW did you know when I can directly send my posts and not be hidden?

@baoyu, the first few posts of all new forum members are hidden. You have to wait for them to be approved by a moderator. This is to prevent spam on the site. I can see you are not a spammer, so I'll make you a full member right away, so your posts will appear as you post them.

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  • New Members

Hi Manuel,

I just downloaded Quickpinyin, installed it but when I type a tone number, nothing appears. If I try the number again, just the number appears.  I am using 64 bit version of Windows 10 pro 20H2 with the U.S. International Keyboard as default.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Mike Kliffer

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