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QuickPinyin - Type pinyin with tone marks (portable)


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Hi, do a test first: what happens if you type ni3 hao3 after you hear the sound?


If you can hear the sound, it means QuickPinyin is already working. I think what's happening is that Windows has hidden the icon (Windows always does this) unless you manually un-hide the icon. This has been explained before on this thread. Below are the animations I posted last time, let me know if it worked.


2014-03-23-132416%20QuickPinyin%20try%20  2014-03-24-151656%20Enable%20disable.gif

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QuickPinyin relies on Dropbox to check the latest version number. Up until the last released version, QuickPinyin would check for updates every X days (as per the user settings) upon launch. The check causes the program to freeze momentarily, but this only lasts about one second under normal circumstances. However, if QuickPinyin is unable to reach Dropbox, it will freeze for a longer time until it gives up waiting (times out). In mainland China, Dropbox is often blocked by our good friends the censors which means it will not be reachable, causing the program to freeze when it checks for updates upon launch, which could explain the problem user porra60 above was experiencing (assuming he is in mainland China).


In light of the situation, and seening that the prior update was almost a year ago, I have decided to completely drop the automatic update checking feature, which means QuickPinyin will never freeze again unless the user manually initiates the update check.

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QuickPinyin v1.15 released mainly to address the issue described in my previous post. As always, check first post for download link.

What's new:

  • Added: IME compatibility for older versions of QQ Pinyin.
  • Changed: Several control captions re-phrased.
  • Changed: All UI fonts changed to Tahoma for improved readability.
  • Changed: Script (non-compiled) version now loads icon from file.
  • Removed: Automatic update checking as server is blocked in China. This should prevent freezes on program launch.
  • Misc: Minor code tidy-up.

PS: I highly suggest subscribing to this thread as an alternative method of getting update notifications.

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Thanks for putting this up. I tested it with anki on my pc, it let me add the pinyin with tone marks, and they showed-up on the android version of anki using my phone. In future I'll try using your program for pinyin in this context. I think pinyin with numbers mixed in is scruffy! The only problem might be the time to turn it on or off. I'll need to look at the shortcut function.

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I looked in the options and it seems straightforward to use the toggle, but I don't need it unless I plan to type letters with numbers directly after them and don't want intonations. can't imagine that scenario cropping up any time soon! I just leave it on until I shutdown my computer and then start it again when I next want it (eg. next time I'm making anki flashcards). It works like a charm.

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  • New Members

Hi Manuel


Love this tool for applying diacritical marks to Pīnyīn spelling. Tài xièxiè nǐle


Speaking as a UK-based online teacher of English (with some Pīnyīn but only a very basic knowledge of Hànzì) to Chinese students living in China, this tool will be immensely useful. In fact, I was pleased to find it is compatible with gmail


Does anyone know if it works with Instant Messaging? Skype for example

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Hi, it should work with any program (in theory), the only place I have found it didn't work was some password input boxes that actively prevent simulated keystrokes for security (e.g. online banking log-in page), but my passwords don't contain pinyin marks anyway, so you probably will find it works everywhere.

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  • New Members

Hey Manuel.


Thanks for sharing this awesome tool, it has made my job so much easier and now my students are demanding to have the tool as well!! 


I have a few questions for you -

  1. Is it now available to Apple users? Some of my students use Mac.
  2. Can it be used with Android and iOS devices?
  3. How do I check which version I've downloaded?

Thanks again for sharing your wonderful creation!

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Hi, I am glad you guys are liking it, and thanks for all the kind remarks :P


To answer your questions:


1. & 2.: Unfortunately QuickPinyin is only available for Windows. A similar app was submitted on Chinese-Forums by another user several years ago, I can't find the link now but search this forum and you'll find it. However, if I remember correctly, it had some issues, although as far as I know it's the only one available and may be better than nothing.


3. The version number is in the download link on the first post of this thread:




If you just want to check what version you are currently running, click Tray Menu > About...




The "Click here to check for updates" function may not work if you are in China as this function relies on Dropbox which is often blocked; if that's the case, just check this thread from time to time. Alternatively, you can subscribe to this thread and you will be notified by email of any changes.

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LOL that's a picture from one of my previous jobs where I used to write scripts for Linux-based industrial equipment. They made a lot of people redundant, including myself, and I went to China. Long story short, I don't use Linux at home: to switch to Linux I would have to make too many compromises, so I'm sticking with Windows.


If you have a Linux box around and you have some spare time it would be interesting to know if it works well in Wine :lol:

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