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New character training software (please test)


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I wrote a simple program for character training under Windows.

This test version contains 300 characters, and you have to write the meaning of the characters. Writing 3 letters of the correct answer is enough [so for example, for (possessive particle) it is enough to write "poss" or "part". as long as you don't intentionally cheat, I think the increases the speed in learning and helps root the knowledge as you have to write the answer].

You can either have the program test the characters you don't know yet, or test randomly. Characters may display twice or thrice in a row for repetition practice. The first test when you start the program is always random, of around 20 characters.

The program is mainly written for maximium speed in entering the answers, and for being used with the keyboard only.

[The development version supports almost 4000 characters, pinyin test, pinyin+meaning->character, compound words, and topical list of characters. It also has a feature where the knowledge decays if you don't use the program. Soon it will also support extracting characters or words from a piece of text. I also know that the word list and correct answer checking need some work.]

So here are some questions...

Is this software useful?

How should I make the interface better?

What should I do to make the software more engaging to the user?

I was inspired to write this program by Slime forest, for learning Japanese. If people like the program, I am considering adding some kind of story mode.

Please write me at cjrREMOVE_THIS[at]gongames.com with suggestions. Also let me know if you have any trouble using it.

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looks really good, nice interface but it looks like you have to be specific with the meaning. Cant you have a "I know" button so you dont ruin your score every time you dont give the exact asked meaning?

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Adding that kind of feature is possible, but I'd prefer to have a better dictionary. I started with one with many definitions for each character, but that is kind of confusing for a learner; the idea would be to give a single word or two that the learner can associate to each character.

The original example would for example allow both origin and root for 本, in which case it is quite hard to go wrong.

Anyway, I will probably have to add it as an option!

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