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Shanghai Metro from Pudong Airport


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Hi, I'm going to visit Shanghai and I got this instruction for my first Shanghai Metro ride:


If I understand it correctly, this is what I need to do:

From Pudong Airport, get on a 4-carriaged train (on Line 2), then change at Guanglan Station to an 8-carriaged train (still Line 2) to go to Zhongshan Park Station.

Am I reading it correctly? What are "4-carriaged train" and "8-carriaged train" ? Why do I have to change from one type to another, even though I'm still on the same Line No 2 to my destination ?


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Yes you are right. You will need to change to another train (get off the short train, go to the opposite platform and board the longer train) because the connection to the airport is an extension of the original line. I would think that there are less passengers going to/from the stations on the airport extension than the other stations on this line, thus making such arrangements more efficient.

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Don't worry about the length of the train. Just get on at the airport, and change to the opposite side of the platform at Guanglan Rd. You can't really go wrong. Guanglan Rd is the end stop for that part of the line and everyone else will be getting out and moving to the other side of the platform as well.

By the way, if this is your first time to China, I can advise you on public transport etiquette. If you hope for any chance of getting a seat, you need to make sure you are near the front of the queue to get on the train, and once those doors open, barge on even before other passengers have disembarked, because other people will, and if you don't, you'll be left behind standing in a cloud of dust.

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Thank you both skylee and and anonymoose for the information. I feel much assured now :D

At the moment I'm not too concerned about getting a seat for a short journey, as I'll be all eyes looking at other people and watching what's going on. I'm already excited just with imagination! Thanks for the tip anyway, it'll be handy from the next day on... :mrgreen:

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