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Chinese Character Classifications - Is there a place to look it up per character?

Confused Laowai

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Confused Laowai

I know of the different Chinese character classifications, but I'm wondering if there is a place, or a method, or book, or anything that can help me identify characters by their classifications.

For instance, if I look up 山 I'll know it's Pictographic.

Or if I look up 洋 I'll know it's a phono-semantic compound.

Some characters can easily be discerned, but I'm not always 100% if my classification is correct.

I'm specifically looking for phono-semantic compounds. I want to do some research using just these type of characters.

Anyone know where can I look up this kind of information? I'm having trouble finding a concrete source.

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Confused Laowai

Ah, yes. How could I've missed it. Used Zdic before.

Thanks. They show the classifications!

I wonder where they get their data. It would be cool to view characters by classification. Also for some programming experiments. Like run a piece of text through a system and compute the distribution of each character type.

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If you have a list of most frequent characters that gives a figure for how often they appear, all you have to do is figure out the classification for the X most frequent characters, and multiply. I expect you'll find that it doesn't take long (maybe a few hundred characters) for you to reach a point where the final percentages will be pretty clear.

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