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Hey aim,

Have you not received your admission package yet? I think you should email [email protected] so the FAO can help you out.

Here's the info I think you're looking for...

Apply for housing on campus: http://iso.fudan.edu.cn/en/house.htm

Period for booking online (exchange students only): July 11, 00:00 to July 12, 23:59 Beijing Time

Use your student number to apply online for your housing. After that, you should pay the booking deposit according to the instructions on time.

Perhaps we'll bump into each other on campus.

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Thanks for your reply! Do you know, by any chance, if the dormitory booking for chinese language students is on the same period? I looked at the reservation info from the link that you mentioned, but the booking period seems to be outdated. I also checked the notices published in ISO Fudan homepage but currently there is no information regarding to the booking period for this fall semester. Well if not I'll just give ISO a call to ask about this tomorrow.

My admission package has arrived but I'm currently away from home, so I haven't had a chance to read it.

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What I gave you was the time period for all exchange students (language students falls under that category), and there's a little note underneath it that says if you miss that time period you'll have to try to book at the same time as all international students (and you'll probably be without residence).

If you can't get home before that time, you should be able to book with just your student # which you should be able to find here, and I think maybe your application # which I think you can only find at the top of your admission notice... >_< But I think that that number only corresponds to your inquiry # if you want to check the status of your application for housing? At least that's my impression of what I've read.

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In general there is a no guest policy, I've never heard of anyone getting in trouble for trying to sneak someone in, but then again I don't think I have heard of people trying that often.

I've heard that North-facing are the nice ones but I don't know why that would be.


Hope you were able to reserve your dorm room on time.

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I don't know how they feel about enforcing it, but it definitely states in the housing contract that you presumably signed that you will not have overnight guests, so you might want to suss out the situation in the months leading up to December.

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hey everyone,

Im a new scholarship student at Fudan. Part of the package I get a single room from the school at (I assume) Foreign Student Dormitory on north end of the campus.

Does anyone know what to expect? Surely, it won't be luxurious but will it be a decent place to stay?

Any curfues or anything similar? Would it be ok to stay or should I look for a place elsewhere?

Thanks a lot!


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Hope you were able to reserve your dorm room on time.

陳德聰, Thank you for the follow up! I couldn't reserve dormitory during the time period that you mentioned. I spoke with ISO of Fudan, they said the online booking time for new foreign students is on August 14th - 17th. This period also corresponding to the recent notice published in ISO of Fudan homepage:


I guess maybe those students who on the exchange programs were able to book dormitory before other foreign students?

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi Pete!

I'm going to be a Undergraduate Freshman at Fudan in this upcoming month. I have lived in the Fudan University dorms for 3 months prior to my acceptance. There are sub-buildings and the main foreign students dormitory. The sub-buildings, which you, and all other scholarship students, will be living in, plus the main building are all fenced off from the rest of the campus. It is in the North Area of the HanDan Campus (Fudan University has several campuses). The sub-buildings are, I believe, split into 9 buildings. There are no double rooms in the sub-buildings. There are four single rooms, two shared bathrooms, and one shared living room with two sinks, I think. The living room is really small...there is no space for a sofa, just a table. There are 7 floors in each sub-building, 2 flats on each floor. There is no elevator. In each single room in the sub-building, there is an air conditioner, small porch (You take one step out that that's as far as you can go on the porch), bed, closet, desk, chair, and small bed-side table are provided in the room. The price is 45RMB per day in the sub-buildings, but you don't have to worry about that since you're a scholarship student! Anyway, I took a look at the sub-building rooms this summer and this is about the most I can describe from what I saw. I suggest you trying to get a room that is on a lower floor so you don't have to walk up and down the stairs every day. The laundry room is just below sub-building #5, but the sub-buildings are all really close to each other, so it wouldn't take more than 2 minutes to walk to the laundry room from another sub-building. If you like to cook, you can use the kitchens on whatever floor in the main building. No one will stop you :P!

I personally wouldn't want to stay in a sub-building room, but I think it is pretty safe and you have your own room that you don't have to pay for, so why not? If you have the financial support to rent a place outside, that would be ok, too. I think a good room in an apartment would be around 2500-3000 rmb/month.

About the curfew, I think at 11pm or 12am, the security gate at the north area tightens and you have to have your student card with you and show it to the security to get in. There is another little security booth guarding the foreign students' dorms. At midnight, you have to register to go in as well. However, I think some of the security guards are pretty nice. If they recognize you, they will just let you in. There are some other guards, on the other hand, that make you register even they know you. At midnight, there's a possibility that if you want to bring a friend over, they can't get in. It just depends on who's on the job.

I will be living in a single room in the main building this year, because that's what I prefer. I think a lot of people who even want to live in the sub-buildings can't get a room now, because most of the rooms have been given to scholarship and graduate international students. If you need help with anything, let me know! I am new to Fudan, too, but I'm happy to help out with whatever I can!

Good luck and maybe see you around in September!


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Hey Stephenie,

Thank you so much for a very descriptive post. I really appreciate it and it'll surely help other students as well in future!

It sounds really tough... Im not a demanding person and don't need a penthouse apartment with a private pool and 50" plasma :) but what you have described makes me wonder whether I'll be able to live there... Last week I found out its not the Foreign Student Dorm but the affiliated building... that of course makes sense since it's free... paying for the apartment outside wouldn't be that big of a deal but I just cannot see the point. If they give it to me for free I might as well give it a go, save USD5000 a year or so and go travel instead. I'll definitely try.

As a schoalrship student I couldn't choose a room either. They already told me i'll be in Building 8 and my room number starts with 6 so im assuming its on 6th floor... good for fitness but it'll surely get annoying at some point. Worst comes to worst I move out after a month, a semester or dont take it in year 2 (Im a graduate student so my course lasts for 2 years).

I have a few more questions if you don't mind answering:

1. Is the internet speed reasonable? I'll also be working remotely for a company I'm working for right now and this is really essential...

2. Have you checked out the University gym? Is it really that little that Im better off signing up for some other gym e.g. Tera Wellness, seems not too far from campus.

3. Im arriving in the middle of the night on Sep 2, around 1:30am landing in Pudong so I guess I'll be at uni around 3am or so. I guess I can easily pick up the keys anytime? The person on the phone wasn't really helpful and I need to really make sure this is fine as I don't want to walk around with 50kg of luggage in the middle of the night.

4. Is there anything else I should be aware of?

Thank you so much! :) Definitely see you in September!


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No problem! This is actually my first time using this site, but I guess it really is a way to connect with other students and get questions answered as well as help out with other people's questions. :)

I think you will be fine! I mean, most of your time can be spent outside anyway. You can just sleep there for free, ahah. And yeah, I agree. There's no point in going through the trouble of finding an apartment yet if you haven't experienced what you can for free. It doesn't hurt to try!

For self-supporting students, however, we have to pay before we stay and you HAVE to pay for 120 days, which means that if we want to move out early, the money spent on time I don't stay there, within 120 days, will not be refunded to me. I don't know if the same applies to the scholarship students, though, like if you can move out of the room whenever you want.

As for your questions:

1. Internet: You can buy an internet card at the convenience store in the main building 1st floor. I believe you can pay monthly or by semester. Since you don't know how long you'll be stay there yet, I suggest you getting a monthly card. I believe it is 59rmb for 2M speed and 89 for 4M speed, but from my own experience, I didn't notice any difference between the 2M and 4M, so I would just go with the 2M. But it's just 30RMB more, so if you can't risk your internet being slow, you can go with the 89RMB. Just be warned that there may not be a big difference or any difference at all! LOL Also, it is NOT wifi. When you buy your internet card, you can buy a internet wire for 10RMB. I think there is wifi on campus if you have a student ID and password, but of course, there is no wifi at the foreign students dorms...

However, I do think that you would like a place called Tonghe. It's a international students apartment right outside of the north area gate of the Fudan HanDan Campus. Sooo, when you walk out of the north gate from your dorm, there is a family mart right across (open 24 hours, really convenient if you're on the run, to get a snack, or get back from a fun night and need some rest before going back to the dorms, haha). If you keep walking to the right, you will see a place called Tohee (Tonghe). There is a little lounge that anyone can just chill at with free wifi. A lot of students go there to study by themselves or with friends, or just to use the free wifi.

2. I haven't checked out the gym for myself, but I heard it's pretty small...Also, there is one gym nearby, but it's pretty expensive. I have yet to see for myself which gym I would like! :)

3. I'm not really sure if the dates for me and for you are the same, since I'm studying here as an undergraduate student and I'm not a scholarship student, but I have to be there by September 1st. For me, I have to check in by Sept 1. On Sept 2, MBBS students and other students come. On Sept 2, there is a new undergraduate students meeting. On Sept 3, we choose our courses. On Sept 3 and 4, the system arranges courses for each student by computer. On Sept 4, we take an English placement test. On Sept 5, there is a new students meeting (for all students), and soooo on. You will find out when you get here. I don't know if Sept 2 would be too late, but if you come at midnight, you should email [email protected] It says on my pamphlet new students need to be there by Sept 1. If we don't then we need to email that address.

4. When you arrive here, you should take a taxi from Pudong International Airport to the Fudan HanDan Campus. The address of the dorm is 57 Wudong Road(near WuChuan Road), Yangpu District.复旦大学留学生公寓, 武东路武川路57号,杨浦区。You should go to the main building and go to the service desk. Tell them you are a new student and need to move in. Don't forget to send a message to the email I gave you, though, so they know when you are coming. You will have to take taxi then, since the subway won't be running then, unless Fudan arranges some kind of transportation for you. If the subway were running, you would save a lot of money since it'll be pretty expensive by taxi. MAKE SURE that you get a taxi. You can recognize a taxi by a red lit up sign that says "空车/unoccupied car" on the right of the driver. There should also be a lit up taxi sign at the top of the taxi. There are good taxi companies and bad taxi companies. There are also these cars called "black cars/黑车“ here. DO NOT take the black cars. Because, they will rip you off if you do not negotiate a price with them before you go on the car. You can identify the better companies by the car color. The better ones are light blue, yellow, lime green, and white. Red, dark blue...and whatever else..I haven't really had good experiences with, but you're a guy, so it could be different. If you are being reimbursed for transportation, make sure you take a receipt before you leave!

When you go to a subway station here, you should be a transportation card. Just go to the Service Desk (the subway employees wear pink). The card itself is 20 or 30rmb, and you need to charge it with more money. I would give them 100RMB and charge the card with the money that's left after they charge for the card. Then, you can just use that to get around instead of buy a ticket every time you go to the subway station. Just don't lose it! Anyone can pick it up and use it.

I also suggest you buying a bike! Second hand or new. I bought a new one for 200-300rmb. I forget...If you are a foreigner, people will DEFINITELY try to rip you off. You will see, haha. But you will get better at bargaining with time! Anyway, back to bikes. If you don't have a bike, it will be tiring to get around campus on foot. Off campus, transportation is convenient. There are these things called "three wheel bikes/三轮车“.They are a cheap alternative to taxis. I take them if there are no taxis around and I don't want to spend like 15 RMB to get to the subway station. They are 5RMB if you stick with your price, because they will say 15rmb, then maybe 10rmb, then maybe 6rmb, but you should just be like "FIVE." and walk away. They will call you back and you can get on ;). It should be 5rmb to get to line 3 subway station.

That reminds me! When you come, you can get off at JiangWan Town or WuJiao Chang. You can download an iphone app called shmetro (or just look up 'shanghai metro') if you want to get more familiar with the subway lines. This app will help soooo much when you start to get around. You can choose a station to start and end at and it will tell you how much time it takes, which stations to change lines at, and how much it is.

If you're worried about food, there's a big mall area called Wujiao Chang right next to school. Students usually take bus or bike there. They have everything from restaurants to clothing stores. There are also little street food and fruit stands that come out around dinner time and late night. I ate them before and never encountered any stomach problems, but I don't eat them anymore because I just figured they weren't that sanitary. Butttt they are pretty tasty!

By the way, watch your belongings, especially in very crowded areas like the airport, mall, subway station, etc. My iphone just got stolen recently while I was on an escalator going to a subway station. :'( Once it's gone, it's gone.

Haha, I just wrote out a bunch of random thoughts that came to my mind. You will enjoy your time here!!! I stayed there for 3 months and loved it. :) Hope this helped!

Let me know if you have any more questions! I should be living in the dorms by the time you come, so if you need help, you can contact me!


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Thanks, this is awesome.

As far as bargaining, Asian culture etc. I think Im well prepared for it. I've been living in SE Asia for over 3 years now, currently in Bangkok so Im flying straight from here. On August 31 I'll have a massive goodbye with some friends and last "physical" day at work and hence I chose to fly on Saturday September 1 in the evening... so I have enough time to get some good sleep, "get back to reality" and catch my plane...

Im aware of the subway and unfortunately I'll need to take a cab. RMB180 I heard, sounds ridiculous but anyway... i either take it or wait till 6am for the subway to open but then my Sunday would be a nightmare... im better off with a cab i think. I visited Shanghai in the past but i think it was around 4-5 years ago... it must have changed since. Im super excited!

Yes my schedule is different, I got this postgrad handbook and I need to register on September 3 (Monday) so I should be ok with dates. I'll still email this address you gave me to make sure nobody screws up. Bike sounds good, was thinking of a motorbike as well but this might not be necessary. I dont mind walking though but if its only 200-300RMB then why not.

Happy to hear internet is ok. Its really crucial or else I cant keep my job. Since ive been working full time for the last 2 years and am doing masters i cant really go back to "full time student life" or I rather dont feel like doing so. I'm looking for a perfect combination between studying, working and hanging out. Busy times ahead but I hope Ill manage!

Im also on another forum called Shanghai Expat and people say the gym I mentioned Tera Wellness should cost around 2000-2500RMB per year (I think they have 2 branches around Jiangwan Stadium). By showing you're a student they might go down a little. Not too bad I suppose, this is comparable to my gym in BKK or maybe even slightly cheaper.

Bummer with the iPhone... i got my iPod stolen at the skytrain station while both listening to music and entering the train some time ago... I guess we both made a mistake. Since then Im always very careful.

Thank you for all the tips, more questions pop up but Ill need to call it a night. Work tomorrow and its already past midnight! Ill save them for tomorrow!!! Stay tuned and thanks again!

P.S. What will you be studying by the way? Are you going to travel around China or abroad while you're there? If so, dont forget to check out Boracay in the Philippines. There're some dirt cheap flights to Manila from Shanghai with zest air/cebu pacific sometimes... I love that place! Just got back from there 2 weeks ago.

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Hi Pete!

I’m currently doing my Masters degree at Fudan. I’ve been living at the foreign student dorm for almost a year now. I’m on scholarship too so they put me in affiliated building on the 7th floor! Without elevators!!!

Stephanie has given pretty much precise and detailed description about the dorm so I’m just gonna add on anything I can think of based on my experiences so far.

Dorm: The “flat” in affiliated building is quite decent (if it’s not a tiny bit small). I just measured my bedroom it’s roughly 2.75 m lengthwise and 2.5 m widthwise, has high ceilings and a balcony. Room A and B (I live in B) are slightly bigger than C and D. It’s furnished and air-conditioned. However, the bed comes with a super thin mattress so you might need extra beddings (Walmart is about 15 mins walking distance from the dorm or you can go to IKEA if you want fancier ones). Another downside, the room is not well insulated so it gets very damp and chilly during winter.

As you may know, scholarship students can’t choose where they’re gonna stay and, apparently, who are they gonna live with. The flat is not coed, so you’re gonna share the flat with three other guys, and it’s very likely that you will stay with other scholarship students.

The bright side: it’s nice to meet new people from around the world. The major downside: if the people we live with have different standard of personal hygiene since we have a shared bathroom. Another major downside (at least for some people – but not for me): if you’re non-smoker and your flatmate is a smoker. China is the most smoking friendly country I’ve ever been to so far. Besides, it’s not clearly written in the contract that it’s prohibited to smoke in your room. The Chinese version of the contract only says it’s prohibited to throw away cigarette butts from your room.

Utilities & Electronic devices: Since you’re on scholarship, you are allotted 200 kWh per month, equals approx. 120 RMB. You’ll be given prepaid electricity card upon checking in for free but you need to sign in for electricity stipend at reception desk every semester. You have to pay if your electricity bill exceeds allotted quota.

Tap water is free but you need to pay for hot shower. You can buy prepaid card from the reception desk and top it up whenever you need it. Tap the card to the device on your bathroom wall when you need hot shower. I spent around 100 RMB for hot shower last year.

Technically you can’t cook in your room, you can cook only in communal kitchen (the main tower has two kitchens on each floors) it’s written in your contract. But, as my Chinese professor puts it, in China the rules are made to be broken. It’s common to have electronic stove or microwave oven in your flat. But if you wanna stick to the rules you can use communal kitchen. Each kitchen is equipped with gas stoves (you can use them for free), big fridge (you can store your food there but make sure to label your stuffs), sinks, washing machine (for 4 RMB, without dryer, though, so you still need to hang your half-dry laundry in your balcony) and water dispenser (only dispenses boiling hot water)

You can rent a mini fridge for 150 or the bigger one for 200 RMB per semester (deposit 200 RMB). Ask your flatmates if they want to chirp in for the rent. Last semester we rent a big fridge, we split it by four, and everyone had to pay less than 70 RMB, including electricity expense.

Unfortunately, cable TV subscription is only available in the main tower. So if you don’t mind watching Chinese TV shows every day, you can get yourself a TV for you room.

Arrival and check-in at the dorm: considering your arrival time, I think taking taxi to Fudan is the wisest choice. But, as Stephanie mentioned, beware of Black Taxi! Ignore people who constantly push you to take their taxi. Go straight to the taxi stand downstairs (on the first floor). A ride to Fudan should cost at least 180 RMB (the fare is higher when you take taxi after 10pm).

The gate and reception desk is open 24hrs but the guards and the staff are maybe not. You might need to spend some time to wake the guards up, in case they’re asleep. It’s a true story: last semester my friend got back from winter break around 3 am in the morning. After 30mins failed attempts to wake the guard up, she decided to wait at the convenient store outside the dorm until 6am. Well, that’s the worst case scenario.

The normal case scenario is: the taxi will drop you off by the North Gate. The guards normally wouldn’t let taxi in but if you have massive 50kg baggage you have to be persuasive. My other Chinese professor says in China you have to be nice and PUSHY! Try: “I have a lot of baggage, please let me in” (wo you hen duo xingli, rang wo kai jin qu), turn right by the gate and you can see a tall blue-ish main tower of foreign student dorm, you can’t miss it! Pass another security post and you’ll find your way to the main building.

The reception desk is located on the first floor. If no one’s around try the room just on the opposite of the desk. The on-duty staff might be sleeping there. The check-in process should be hassle-free. Since you’re on full scholarship you only need to:

1. Show your admission letter and your passport.

2. Fill in registration form of temporary residence (you’ll need this to apply for residence permit), dorm log card, and sign the contract. All the documents are bilingual so there shouldn’t be a problem.

3. Pay the deposit (200 RMB), retain the receipt since you’re gonna need that when you check-out. The staff will give you your room key, prepaid electricity card, prepaid hot water card, and a key to your mail box. It's on the right side of the main entrance of your building.

4. Find your way to your room. Affiliated buildings are right on the back of main building. Turn right once you get out from the main building. Locate building 8. Yes, if your room is started with 6 it means on the 6th floor. Spoiler: you have to take your luggage to the sixth floor, without elevator!!!

Gyms: there are two on-campus gyms. The nearest one (from the dorm) is next to cafeteria (about 3mins walk), there’s another one at southern campus (around the School of Economics). They are both very basic and worn-out. So regarding your other posts about gym and your specific diet on the other threads, I’m sure that those two gyms won’t meet your needs. Terra Wellness is the best option. They have two gyms around the neighborhood. There’s one on 8th -9th floor of Youyi Cheng shopping malls at Wujiaochang, on the opposite of Walmart (never been there, I have no idea) and another one at Daxue Road (about 10mins walk or 5mins bike ride from the dorm). I’ve been to this branch. It’s well equipped, and the indoor swimming pool is unbeatable. My flatmate bought a 2 year-membership there for 3,500 RMB (after a bit bargaining!). I never heard complaints about the gym from him.

I have no idea about your Chinese language level. But if you don’t have previous trainings in Chinese language, it’s very useful to memorize some basic survival phrases. Shanghai taxi drivers mostly don’t speak English. Print a taxi card written in Chinese characters (you can find it in postgrads handbook)! The guards and staff at the dorm don’t speak English, too. Not everyone in ISO office speaks English (check your handbook for English-speaking staff at ISO). Around the registration week normally there will be volunteers who provide translation service for new students.

Hopefully it gives you more thorough understanding about the situation at the dorm. If I were you, I would keep the room in the dorm at least until I can settle down. If you don’t feel like staying in the dorm, you can consider these options:

A. Move to a single room in main building. Scholarships students only need to pay the difference between the rent of a room in affiliated and main building. Consult the ISO website to figure out the precise amount you have to pay, but you have to wait at least until next semester to apply.

B. Finding apartments around campus: it is not difficult, the rent should cost around 2,500 – 3,500 RMB

C. Apartments downtown: considering your working background, it’s an opportunity to extent your network to ex-pats communities in Shanghai. Expect to pay at least 9,000 RMB for an apartment for yourself. Alternatively, you can check Find a Flat mate/Housemate classified ads in city listings websites, such as




Expect to pay at least 3,000 for shared apartment downtown.

By the way, I posted some pictures of my dorm here, it’s from a year ago though:


Well, I’m enjoying my summer break so I’m pretty much free now. Feel free to post further questions, I’d be happy to help



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wow this is absolutely brilliant! Terima kasih banyak ya! Aku tidak bisa berbicara bahasa Indonesia sangat sehat. Hanya sedikit!

Just looked up the pics of a room and noticed you're from Indo. My gf is from Surabaya! The room isn't that bad actually. It's really small but it doesn't look like there is fungus on the wall.

Anyway, my Chinese is very limited. At the moment I can say ni hao (probably with a wrong tone), zai jian and a few more if I think really hard. I'll be doing my MA in English, however, I'm really motivated to learn Mandarin so I'll push it really hard from day one. I'd like to take classes right now but to be honest it's just a month to go and from my experience it's 100X easier to learn a language in a foreign country... Same was with English, picked up a bit of Indonesian in Indo, a little Thai in Thailand and hopefully I'll be quite good at Mandarin upon 2 years in Shanghai!

Everything is looking good though. I agree with a flat idea if you get some cool flat mates. But this is hit and miss... my room is C so I guess I'll have a smaller one... anyway, I'll manage! Hope everything will work out great.

Didn't realize there was an electricity allowance of 200kWh per month. I think this is a lot so I should be absolutely fine. Hot water card sounds ridiculous though :) before every shower I'll need to scan a card...omg!

I'll probably use uni gyms just in the first two weeks or so. It should give me enough time to go and get a decent membership at a reasonable value. 3500RMB for 2 years sounds perfect but China is China so Id rather go for 2000RMB a year in case they move this branch elsewhere or who knows, they could close down too. A few gyms in Thailand are facing a similar problem.

Do you know when I'll be able to choose my modules? After registration I guess? I really would like to at least see courses available. Not sure of site of my course is kept up to date as it looks simply shit.

Also, would you do me a massive favor and let me know the schedule as per this calendar? http://iso.fudan.edu.cn/images/calendar.jpg

I'm mostly interested in Semester break. Is it between January 19th 2013 - February 17th or 24th 2013? I'd like to go traveling for a month then and am already looking at flights.

Are there any "reading weeks" where we're supposed to catch up on material and have no classes? I studied in Singapore in the past and we had 2 of them I think - my first trips to Bali! :)

Thanks a lot again Edhi!


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Edhi! Your post was very helpful to me as well. :) Thanks!

The calendar says that break is from 1/19-2/25. On 2/19 is registration day for make up tests. 2/20-2/23 are make up test dates. 2/24 is check-in. 2/25 is when class begins. If there's anything else I can help with, let me know.

See you guys in September!

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