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It's edible! I don't think it's an eat every single day all day type feel, but the cafeteria closer to the classrooms and whatnot is actually quite good. Standard boring Chinese food (a little plain), I don't think anything ever surprised me with how amazing it was, but I never had anything that tasted bad.

The only annoying thing is that it is only open during certain hours, but that doesn't take too long to get used to.

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I just got my JW201 form, admission notice, etc. from the embassy and one of the documents (Notice to New Students) says to check in at the dormitory 2 days beforehand, does that mean check in 2 days before the registration dates and the dorm room will be ready for you to move in? (I know it might seem obvious, but I just need to make sure since I had a friend who assumed this at another university and things didn't go well.)


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Answers regarding last few posts:

1. Note that bikes get stolen easily. A friend of mine got his knicked on the day he bought it. If you buy a bike make sure it's an old one and looks unattractive. They get stolen everywhere, in the city, from outside of restaurants, campus and even dormitories. Scooters do get stolen but as you might know it is not as easy. I left mine at a subway station over night a number of times and I still have it. Once I graduate and decide to leave I can always sell it.

2. Food in China is the most challenging aspect of life (for me). Taste-wise it's ok but quality-wise it's probably on the very bottom. I do care what nutrients I consume and what you get here is simply not enough. I think the following works: the more expensive the dish is, the better the quality of the food will be. Some cheap restaurants sell chicken/beef etc. and these taste nowhere close to chicken/beef back home. I do not actually even want to know what it is. Whenever I have time I go shopping to Walmart and cook at home. It is a pain in the ass to cook for 1 person but at least I eat better food that is fried on olive oil as oppose to old oil that has been used for X number of days/weeks/months. Canteen in my opinion is a little better than street food, more variety is there but unless you come when they open up your dish will be cold. Some of my colleagues who live on street food/canteen get sick from time to time but there has not been any major cases.

If you go to gym and are serious about it I assume you want to eat well. I recommend Walmart trips and cooking at home. Every single day I have a dilemma as to what I am going to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner and I noticed I get more and more lazy over time and eat out more often, I can clearly see it on my body.

3. I am not sure about the dormitory. I was arriving a little late and it was all good the room was there for me but I am a scholarship student, not sure if you are too. Best thing to do - call and ask.

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Regarding #2, thank you for the advice. Yeah, ever since I came back home (HK) from Boston, I've been eating poorly. There's just too much carbohydrates in Chinese cuisine. Can you cook in Tonghe though?

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I received a government scholarship at fudan but I'm having trouble booking the dorm. It says my student number doesn't exist.

For those of you who received a scholarship, did you have to book the dorm yourself or did the university automatically book it for you?

I keep trying to call and email anyone at the international student office, but it appears they are on break.....

Anyone have any advice on this?

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no need to book anything you're all set.

Although you should be able to log onto the page so you can see which room they assigned you to. Once you arrive you go to the reception and they give you the key. Have a few hundred on you as you have to pay deposit and top up your shower card. As simple as that.

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Hey guys,
I am the President of the European American Student Association at Fudan University. If you have any questions regarding housing, registration, visa, etc. you can ask me. If I can't answer you directly, I will ask the international students office for you and get back to you.
One thing that you absolutely must do before coming to Shanghai is download an application called Wechat (Weixin). It's basically a chatting app like Line or Whatsapp, but most of the international students and local people here use it to communicate, so it will be extremely helpful during your stay here. The European American Student Association has created groups on wechat which include students who have been here for a while already and incomers, so if you have questions, you can ask in there and most likely receive a reply shortly after. My wechat ID is stephenieeeee. Once you've added me, I can add you into the Wechat groups and you can have your questions answered. 
We are also working on creating a guide for international students which includes everything ranging from registration preparation and visa to how to buy a bike and where to eat. It should be coming out in February, so watch out for that! :) 

If you'd like to join the European American Student Association, just email [email protected] with your name, wechat, email, and phone number. Your information is kept completely confidential, so no worries! We have over 800 members in our association who are waiting to meet you! If you're not European or from the Americas, you can still email us and we can get you in contact with other foreign student associations!
ALSO, if you're hoping to find a language partner (to practice your Chinese) upon arrival here, we are launching our language/culture exchange program called LINK next semester (upcoming February), so you can fill out this form and send it to [email protected]:
Full Name:
Phone Number:         
Wechat ID:
Language(s) you speak (indicate which is native): 
Language(s) you want to learn: 

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Haha sure. :) I'm currently in my second year at Fudan as an full-time undergrad student majoring in Business Administration. Next year, I will be study abroad in Germany for a semester! I didn't think that as an international student, I could study abroad, but I think they accepted me because I'm a native English speaker and the program I plan to do is in English. So yes, that's superrrrr exciting! School has been great, I started the European American Student Association this year, which helps international students at Fudan integrate into campus life. We've been doing really well so far with our new language exchange program, social events, etc. 

Oh, by the way! If anyone needs help finding accommodation outside of school, I can get you in contact with an agent and help translate/communicate what you want to him/her! Just email me ([email protected])

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I'm going to Shanghai to study one semester of Chinese in Huashida as a self-funded student, and I want to apply for Chinese Government Scholarship to study Masters in History at Fudan. I already rented a house near Huashida, but if I receive this scholarship I need to go to Nanjing Daxe to study Chinese language? Some other brazilians had to, and Im afraid because if I also have to go there I can't live in my rented house..

All of you who applied for this scholarship and need to get Chinese course before start classes studied Chinese it in which place?

Thank you

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