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Advice needed for fresh TCM student.


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Dear good people,

I would like to make a quick introduction. I'm an American that's just enrolled in the 5-year course at Nanjing University of TCM ( 138号 Xianlin Avenue, Qixia, Nanjing) . I put the address here because they have 2 locations.

My term begins in September 2012 and I just found out that the university only has shared accommodation for 800 RMB/month/person.

I am married and my wife will be coming to stay with me at various times during my studies for the next few years so I will need to rent a private apartment.

Since I've never been to Nanjing before and have no idea of the going prices for an apartment in the area that I will be studying.

1. How much does a modest studio or 1 bedroom cost per month near the university?

2. Average cost for utilities and internet?

3. What is the procedure for renting an apartment ? who do I need to contact? how much is deposit? etc...

Any help on this matter is Greatly Appreciated.



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I don't have any specific advice about apartments in Nanjing, but I'm wondering if you've made sure that the school allows international students to live off-campus?

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Steve Chou

Dear Sufi,

I'm happy that I could help you since I have been living in Nanjing for about three years and I am a chinese.

The school's accomandation is a little bit expensive, i guess it may be the facilities should be better. Actually the price is depends on the conditions of the apartment you want to rent for.

1. A modest studio or bedroom living with other people usually needs 500 - 1200yuan RMB.

2. for example, I cost 760RMB a year for a internet fee, 40-60RMB for water fees and 100-200 yuan for two months for two people, cause I live with my wife.

3. firstly, you could find some information about the apartment for rent; Second, contact with the landord to get more details about the apartment, such as whether it has been got by other one. On the other hand the landlord will ask your personal information, how much people will live in, etc. Thirdly, you could have an appointment with the landlord to spot the apartment. After you will have seen the apartment, you could decide rent it or not. If yes, you could deliver some cash to the landlord as deposit, it often charge you 100 - 200 yuan, and the landlord will give you a receipt.(note: if you don't rent the apartment finally the landlord wouldn't give back your money.)

Finally, you could check in and sign a rental contruct with the landlord. That's all of the rental procedure. It's easy.

By the way, you could live in the downtown of the Nanjing city, and everything there is going to be convenient for you. I'm living in a neighborhood near the Xuanwu lake Park. It costs 1000 yuan per month. The facilities here are really convenient, transport, shopping, recreation and so on. The Metro line one have a station of Nanjing University Xianlin Campus. I hope these above could help you. http://rent.house365.comthis website is useful in finding apartment in Naning. If you need any help, you could contact me. My hotmail is [email protected]



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Hi Sufi, sorry for stalking you as my question is a bit off topic, but I still hope you can share your experience with me: I am thinking about doing my masters degree in Acupuncture and Tuina at Nanjing uni of CM and you are the only person i have found on these forums that is actually studying there.

Would you be able to say a few words about your experience at the university. It is a year now since you started your studies, so you probably have developed a certain opinion about life and studying there. I'd be very grateful if you could tell me something about the quality of teaching, facilities, and your general feeling about your overall experience at the university. In theory it should be one of the best TCM universities, what do you think. If my plans come to fruition i'll be starting my degree this coming September. I'd be happy to meet you for a drink once there too if everything really works out fine. Thanks a lot.

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