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Looking to rent an apartment in Tianjin


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Hi there,

My name's Jonathan, and I'm a 24 year old student. I'll be arriving in Tianjin September 6th for 40 days to train with a martial arts teacher of mine, master Zhou Jingxuan. I'm looking to rent an apartment in the city - preferably as close as possible to Xigu park, where I will be training on a daily basis.

I'll be the only person living in the apartment. I need it for 40 days starting September 6th. Don't need much space at all, but would appreciate electrical devices such as a washing machine, and possibly a laundry dryer and/or some Wifi.

Could you guys please recommend me some apartments, or where I could find some? I wouldn't mind living with other foreigners, by the way, in a shared apartment, if it's close to Xigu park.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help!!

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Im not sure if you'll be able to find an apartment for 40 days only. As far as I know they're only interested in long-term rentals but there might be some who do short-term too and probably charge more. I guess any landlord just wouldn't really bother.

Try to search for some serviced apartments or maybe a cheap hotel/ hostel with a private room/ guesthouse/ homestay? That would be easiest in my opinion. You might also try some forums (maybe this one not sure) and see if anyone who's got a flat is looking for a flat mate. I've seen a few of these around but not necessarily in Tianjin. I doubt they'd "reserve" a room for you in advance (short rental) but a few days before arrival if it's still available they could probably help you out but am really not sure.

I myself wouldn't really bother renting for 40 days unless you paid me X2 /X3 but that would get pretty expensive. Not that I'd rip you off but let's be real. Who's going to go through all this hassle...

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...but would appreciate electrical devices such as a washing machine, and possibly a laundry dryer and/or some Wifi.

Be prepared to compromise. Laundry dryers are very rare in China, although washing machines are common. I've never encountered a dryer in a rental unit. Also, most apartments I've seen (in other cities -- not Tianjin) either have wired internet or none at all. Wifi is something the renter is expected to install on his own.

A serviced apartment is probably your best bet for 40 days. Also look into apartment hotels. My guess is that it's going to be tough to arrange in advance, and once you get there you will need stay several days in a hotel or hostel while posting notices and looking at bulletin boards in the area where you want to stay.

An afterthought: Your Shifu might have some suggestions. Sounds like you know him already. If there are other students in your martial arts class, asking them as well would obviously be worth doing.

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