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Learn Chinese in China

Middlebury Chinese School

Meng Lelan

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I see.

I am basically using it to prepare myself for a 2-year study of Mandarin full-time in China.'

I took a semester of Mandarin in law school and lived in Singapore and HK for about 5 years, but my language skills are pretty basic.

I'm finishing the 2 Heisig books before I start Middlebury.... almost done with the second one.

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I ended up taking Chinese Culture, which is exactly like how you described Chinese Cinema to be like, papers every class and lots of reading. that was a killer. Overall it was a very enjoyable experience, i love middlebury! it's a beautiful place. 3 out of 5 of the teachers for the MA program are new this summer, all very nice and knowledgable.

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This is really weird. Today I got in the mail a letter (obviously a mass mailing) from the Middlebury Chinese School asking for monetary donations. Really, I put my money into Chinese School tuition last year and had a bad experience there and now they are asking for donations? Something is not right about this.

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That's right she is back this summer. She emailed me a month ago and asked if I would be coming back and I told her I am interning all summer, so no Middlebury. If I could take all three of the summer classes with her at Middlebury I would. And if they would tell the Vermont police not to freak out at Chinese wushu weapons. Be sure to report back here in August. 

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