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Learn Chinese in China

My summer in Taipei


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Awesome report. The textbook Taiwan Today was also used in the third year classes at Middlebury.

And Taiwan has some kind of daily news report online for the deaf? That's what it seemed like from the YouTube link you gave. Love the big fat 繁體字 captions.

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Well done! You made excellent use of your time and were fortunate to have a very good, dedicated teacher. Plus you mingled with the people and got a feel for language as used in daily life. You made a contribution through teaching as well. I'm impressed. Hope you have the chance to do it again next summer. Appreciate the inspiring and informative write up.

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Thanks I enjoyed reading about your time in Taiwan.

I laughed when you wrote "I was offered the opportunity to teach the advanced class this summer, and I accepted. It was fun, but it was also a lot of hard work, as the students' levels were so varied." This happens teaching oral English too.

Did you ever consider trying to learn cursive, so you could write faster?

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Meng Lelan: There is a daily news program produced by deaf Taiwanese that is broadcast in Taiwan every morning at 8 am - I forget the program's name and channel, but many deaf Taiwanese watch it. I happened to meet one of the reporters for the show early on in my trip, and he wanted to interview me (he went to Gallaudet and already knew ASL).

The textbook, 今日台湾, is only an okay book in my view - none of the vocabulary or grammar in one chapter is really reinforced by any other chapter. The exercises are pretty sparse, and there is an article at the end of each chapter written at a level far beyond my normal reading ability. I think I would have learned far less from the book had I studied it on my own. The cultural topics within are quite interesting though, but the information is a bit dated (circa mid 1990s), so lots of things have changed since then.

stoney: I'm not really that interested in learning cursive script though it'd be useful in the future. I need to improve my Chinese handwriting first ;)

Thank you to everyone else for the positive comments - it was a great experience, and I'm glad to share it with all of you.

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...If he does not answer:


How about meeting me? I will be in Taichung from March 2015 until June, same year. My prof was to teach european languages...


Best regards


[email protected]


(...or anyone else who likes to meet someone from Euorpe is welcome to drop a line)

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Just wanted to update the info from post #8.


The news broadcasts are now put into monthly playlists on the 公視 youtube page. For example, the November broadcasts are available at 2014年11月公視手語新聞.


Another way to find broadcasts is by searching 公視手語新聞 at youtube. It looks like searching by playlist brings up broadcasts dating back to 2009.

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