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CSC Scholarship - 2013 General Discussion

Brian US

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**This year's application process is over, so please join us in the CSC Scholarship Results - 2013 topic for discussion on results.


We've decided to make a new thread for the next round of CSC scholarship applicants. The plan is to make a fresh one each year. So this one's for you 2013 kids.

Before we start: please check out the posts from the past - it's a lot of information to sift through but it will answer the majority of your questions. The 2012 archived thread may be found here with the discussion on last year's results found here.

This topic is for general CSC scholarship discussion. For specific questions/information go to the American/EU topic or the Other applicants topic for discussion on non US/EU applicants.


The Basics

Website: http://en.csc.edu.cn/

Information and Eligibility: http://en.csc.edu.cn...f3da38f99.shtml (READ THIS)

Application Forms: http://en.csc.edu.cn...lt.aspx?cid=277

Online Application (not really): http://laihua.csc.edu.cn

Not sure if the online application works, but fill it out anyway (search 2010 thread for comments)

List of Universities: http://en.csc.edu.cn...hua/Search.aspx

This thread is ONLY about the Chinese Government Scholarship - none of the others listed on the website. Here, we will discuss the steps of getting the Chinese Language scholarship. The process for those getting degrees is similar... you should be able to figure it out the small differences if that's what you're trying to do.

To apply, contact and send your application to a Chinese embassy/consulate located in your home country. For example, Australians must apply at a Chinese embassy in Australia, and Americans must apply at a Chinese embassy in America. People currently in China can also apply, but they still have to mail their applications to a Chinese embassy in their home country!


What We Know

Very close to absolutely nothing. None of us know how this process works - and no one that is part of the process can tell us how it works. This is because even they don't know how it works. So just follow the rules. Trust me. Try calling the CSC people. I dare you.

Deadlines are mostly in April - the deadline is different for each country/region/state/province. I encourage people to post and share their respective deadlines for 2013.

The deadlines haven't been officially updated for 2013, yes something as basic as the deadline is unknown, but here is our best guess:

U.S.-April 30th 2013

Try to apply before March 15th

EU-April 30th 2013

Try to apply before March 31st

Canada-December 15th 2012

British Columbia-January 2013

Ottawa-December 20th, 2012

Australia-December 26th 2012

Philippines-April 30th 2013

Morocco-March 30th 2013

The EU has its own CSC Scholarship. There are 100 full one-year scholarships.

The PIF (Pacific Islands Forum) countries also has its own CSC Scholarship. There are 10 full scholarships. Airfare is included. I have no idea which countries are part of this forum.

For everyone else, there are two types of scholarships: Full and Partial

The full scholarship covers tuition, books, shared dorm, insurance, a monthly stipend, and (maybe) airfare. Airfare is ONLY covered if your specific country has this included in their agreement with China - it is limited to developing nations.

For partial, you get to choose what you would like covered on the application.

For people that are only applying for Chinese Language (as opposed to a degree), you can choose between 1 or 2 years. For people who are pursuing a degree, you can request 1 or 2 years of Chinese Language study BEFORE taking your classes if you either can't speak Chinese or need it improved.

WE DO NOT KNOW THE CHANCES OF GETTING THIS SCHOLARSHIP FOR ANY COMBINATION OF THESE CHOICES. We don't know if we have a better chance of getting a partial or full scholarship, or if it's easier to get it if you request 1 or 2 years. Nor do we know how much your GPA matters, or if already having Chinese language skills hurts/helps you, or if having been to China before means you get extra points, or if having six toes will increase your chances. Whatever it is, we don't know. Quit asking. Please.

You MUST start in September at the start of the new academic year (Generally. Some universities have their own December deadlines for Spring semesters. But you're on your own for that.) ... and SUMMER CLASSES are NOT included in the scholarship.

If you already received the scholarship and wish to extend it you will need to apply again. First talk to your school or any contact to see what your options are.

This is where your application will be going:


1. You send your application to a third party representative of CSC (maybe your school).

2. The third party (OR you can apply directly) sends application to your native country's China Embassy.

3. Your native country's China Embassy sends your application to the Beijing CSC office.

4. The Beijing CSC office sends your application to your selected schools.

5. If and when a school accepts you, your acceptance is sent to the Beijing CSC office.

6. The Beijing CSC office sends your acceptance to your native country's China Embassy.

7. The China Embassy sends your acceptance and all needed documentation to you.

At any step of this process your application may be rejected. Again we don't know why, how, or when the decision is made. In the end, the school gets a final say on whether you receive the scholarship or not.


The Application

Here is the application I submitted last year and was awarded the scholarship:




1. Proposed Study in China: Chinese Language Student

2. Duration of the Major Study: For people learning Chinese - you can study for either one or two years, starting in September.

3. Study or Research Plan: In the previous years, they required all applicants to write something like a personal statement that was no less than 400 words (THIS IS STILL TRUE FOR EU APPLICANTS and probably for "degree" applicants), but now, you can just write in a few sentences that you would like to learn Chinese. Feel free to write a full "study plan" if you'd like - check out the archived thread for more information. Member Kdavid has provided us with his study plan for a successful application that you may use as a reference. The attachment is at the end of the post.

4. Organization/Person Recommending You: I say go for anything that sounds official: Use your university, your professor, the company you work for, this forum, whatever.

5. The Guarantor: Anyone you know in China - CSC will not call or contact them. You can make this part up if you want. For people who want a real person, extrapages has volunteered to be your guarantor. Maybe. If you participate in this thread. She is not a fan of giving her real name, address, and phone number to strangers. Seriously.

6. Letters of Recommendation: We have heard reports that letters of recommendations are NOT required for those studying Chinese and not pursuing a degree. This is also written on the website. Include them if you wish. Those who are pursuing a degree will need TWO letters of recommendation from professors/employers.

7. You need a notarized copy of your most recent transcript, and your high school diploma (for those who are still in university) or degree (if you already graduated from college). If it is not in English or Chinese, you need to get it translated into one of those two languages.

8. They want TWO copies of the application. We're not sure of that means the whole application (including any documents) or just the application form - so we recommend that you send two of everything.

Online Application

Here is a list of the known agency numbers. It is best to input the agency number of the embassy you are applying to, so U.S. applicants should input 8401 (number of the Chinese embassy in D.C.).

If you cannot find the agency number then try the number for your first pick university. This will automatically fill in that school as your first choice.

10006 - Beihang Univ. (BUAA)
10007 - Beijing Institute of Technology
10008 - Univ. of Science and Technology Beijing
10010 - Beijing Univ. of Chemical Tech.
10013 - Beijing Univ. of Posts and Telecommunications
10019 - China Agricultural Univ (CAU)
10022 - Beijing Forestry Univ.
10026 - Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
10027 - Beijing Normal Univ.
10028 - Capital Normal Univ.
10029 - Capital Institute of Physical Educations
10030 - Beijing Foreign Studies University
10031 - Beijing International Studies Univ.
10032 - Beijing Language and Culture Univ.
10034 - Central Univ. of Finance and Economics
10036 - Univ. of International Business and Economics
10038 - Capital Univ. of Business and Economics
10040 - China Foreign Affairs Univ.
10043 - Beijing Sport University
10045 - Central Conservatory of Music
10047 - Central Academy of Fine Arts
10048 - The Central Academy of Drama
10050 - Beijing Film Academy
10052 - Central University For Nationalities
10053 - China University of Political Science and Law
10054 - North China Electric Power University
10055 - Nankai University
10056 - Tianjin Univ.
10057 - Tianjin Univ. of Science and Technology
10062 - Tianjin Medical University
10063 - Tianjin Univ. of Traditional Chinese Medicine
10065 - Tianjin Normal Univ
10066 - Tianjin Univ. of Technology and Education
10068 - Tianjin Foreign Studies Univ. (TFSU)
10140 - Liaoning University
10141 - Dalian Univ. of Technology
10145 - Northeastern University
10151 - Dalian Maritime Univ.
10159 - China Medical University
10161 - Dalian Medical University
10165 - Liaoning Normal University
10166 - Shenyang Normal University
10172 - Dalian Univ. of Foreign Languages
10173 - Dongbei Univ of Finance and Economics
10183 - Jilin University
10184 - Yanbian Univeristy
10186 - Changchun Univ. of Science and Technology
10200 - Northeast Normal Univ.
10201 - Beihua Univ.
10203 - Jilin Normal Univ.
10210 - Heilongjiang Univ.
10213 - Harbin Institute of Technology
10217 - Harbin Engineering Univ.
10222 - Jiamusi University
10224 - Northeast Agriculture Univ.
10231 - Harbin Normal University
10246 - Fudan Univ.
10247 - Tongji Univ.
10248 - Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ.
10251 - East China Univ. of Science and Technology
10252 - Univ. of Shanghai for Science and Tech.
10255 - Donghua Univ.
10268 - Shanghai Univ. of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
10269 - East China Normal University
10270 - Shanghai Normal Univ.
10271 - Shanghai International Studies Univ.
10272 - Shanghai Univ. of Finance and Economics (SUFE)
10277 - Shanghai Univ. of Sport
10278 - Shanghai Conservatory of Music
10280 - Shanghai University
10284 - Nanjing Univ.
10285 - Soochow Univ.
10286 - Southeast University
10287 - Nanjing Univ. of Aeronautics and Astronautics
10288 - Nanjing Univ. of Science and Technology
10290 - China Univ. of Mining and Technology
10294 - Hohai University
10295 - Jiangnan University
10300 - Nanjing Univ. of Information Science and Tech.
10307 - Nanjing Agricultural University
10315 - Nanjing Univ of Chinese Medicine
10335 - Zhejiang University
10337 - Zhejiang Univ of Technology
10338 - Zhejiang Sci-Tech Univ.
10345 - Zhejiang Normal Univ.
10355 - China Academy of Art
10357 - Anhui University
10358 - Univ. of Science and Technology of China (USTC)
10359 - Hefei Univ. of Technology
10370 - Anhui Normal Univ.
10384 - Xiamen Univ.
10403 - Nanchang Univ.
10408 - Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute
10422 - Shandong University
10423 - Ocean University of China
10445 - Shandong Normal University
10459 - Zhengzhou University
10486 - Wuhan University
10487 - Huazhong Univ of Science and Tech
10491 - China Univ. of Geosciences (Wuhan)
10497 - Wuhan Univ. of Technology
10504 - Huazhong Agricultural Univ.
10511 - Huazhong Normal University
10520 - Zhongnan Univ. of Economics and Law
10560 - Shantou University
0081 - Embassy of P.R. China in Albania
0121 - Embassy of P.R. China in Algeria
0241 - Embassy of P.R. China in Angola
0281 - Embassy of P.R. China in Antigua and Barbuda
0311 - Embassy of P.R. China in Azerbaijan
0321 - Embassy of Argentina in P.R. China
0361 - Consulate - General of P.R. China in Sydney
0401 - Embassy of P.R. China in Austria
0441 - Embassy of P.R. China in Bahamas
0481 - Embassy of Bahrain in P.R. China
1041 - Embassy of P.R. China in Myanmar
1081 - Embassy of P.R. China in Burundi
1121 - Embassy of P.R. China in Byelorussia
1321 - Embassy of P.R. China in Cape Verde
1401 - Embassy of P.R. China in Central Africa
1441 - Embassy of P.R. China in Sri Lanka
1481 - Embassy of P.R. China in Chad
1521 - Embassy of P.R. China in Chile
1701 - Embassy of P.R. China in Colombia
1741 - Embassy of P.R. China in Comores
1781 - Embassy of P.R. China in the Republic of Congo
1801 - Embassy of P.R. China in the Democratic Republic of Congo
1881 - Embassy of P.R. China in Costa Rica
1911 - Embassy of P.R. China in Croatia
1921 - Embassy of Cuba in P.R. China
1961 - Embassy of P.R. China in Cyprus
2031 - Embassy of P.R. China in Czech
2041 - Embassy of P.R. China in Benin
2081 - Embassy of P.R China in Denmark
2121 - Embassy of P.R. China in Dominica
2141 - Office of Development Commercial of P.R. China in Dominicana
2181 - Embassy of P.R. China in Ecuador
2261 - Embassy of P.R. China in Equatorial Guinea
2301 - Embassy of P.R. China in Ethiopia
2321 - Embassy of P.R. China in Eritrea
2331 - Embassy of P.R. China in Esthonia
2421 - Embassy of P.R. China in Fiji Islands
2461 - Embassy of P.R. China in Finland
8041 - Embassy of P.R. China in Ukraine
8071 - Embassy of P.R. China in Macedonia
8081 - Embassy of P.R. China in Egypt
8261 - Embassy of P.R. China in United Kingdom
8341 - Embassy of P.R. China in Tanzania
8401 - Embassy of P.R. China in U.S.A.
8581 - Embassy of P.R. China in Uruguay
8601 - Embassy of P.R. China in Uzbekistan
8621 - Embassy of P.R. China in Venezuela


The University

Applying to the university of choice before applying is OPTIONAL. We don't know if you get a better chance of either getting the scholarship or getting your first choice if you do get the scholarship. Also, there is no guarantee that you will get your first, second, or third choice that you list. There have been some people last year that didn't get any of their three and were sent to a random university.

If you do apply beforehand, the university will send you an acceptance letter (which you would include with your scholarship application) and a student visa form that you will use to apply for your Chinese visa.

You are normally not allowed to change universities, but it is possible. By possible I mean nearly impossible. A fellow Canadian classmate was only allowed to switch schools after getting a recommendation from 大山 himself. If you don't know who 大山 is, then look at it this way...have your country's ambassador talk to the head of the CSC on your behalf.


The Foreigner Physical Examination Form

You can get it filled out by your family doctor, internist, or a doctor from a clinic. It usually takes no more than 20 minutes. You don't need a "seal," as stated - the signature of the doctor and a stamp with the doctor's name and address and contact information of the hospital/clinic is fine. As for the "photo section" - it requires either a signature or stamp on the photo and paper (half on/half off at the same time) so that it can act as a seal to prove that it is your photo and has not been tampered with.

For those of you currently in Beijing needing a physical examination it may be done here.

DO NOT send the ORIGINAL Foreign Physical Examination Form with either the CSC application or your visa application. Send copies. You keep the ORIGINAL with you - treat it like your passport (even though you'll never use it again).


Post-Scholarship/In China

Notification: If you get the scholarship (notification is sent to you sometime around May/June - some people were notified as late as August), CSC will send you a package filled with information on the selected school, an admission letter from that school, a letter reminding you that you must register at the school between certain dates, and the Visa Application Form for Study in China (JW201) already filled out by CSC. All you need to do is get the visa, book your flight, and come to China.

Stipend: All fees are taken care of. The only thing you need to manage is your stipend. Some universities will give you an ATM card that gets money deposited in it every month, while others will require you to pick up cash from a certain office. the stipend is generally handed out at the end of the month. The stipend starts at 1400 RMB a month - and a normal person will blow that in about a couple weeks or so eating out, exploring the city, buying daily necessities, partying - but it is POSSIBLE to live off just that if you just stay home and study, eat at the cafeteria, and have no life. My school did say starting next year that the stipend would be doubled, so for example I would get 3400/mo as a master's student (1700x2). I'll believe it when I see it.

Housing: The housing provided is the cheapest international students' accommodations the school offers. Usually, it's a tiny room with two desks, two closets, and two beds - without a private bathroom (you use a shared one with the rest of the floor). At some schools you can move to a nicer dorm, even to a single - as long as you pay the difference. However, in ALL cases, if you decide to move off-campus, you will lose the housing money altogether. They will not help you with your rent.

Insurance: The scholarship pays for crap insurance. If you have health issues or would like to have comprehensive insurance, pay for your own plan before you get to China. You don't want to be on this insurance if something serious happens to you. You're going to get third-world country treatment and nothing more.



I found a strange CSC Liaison Officer Contact Page. It gives you contact information of people in Beijing. Yeah. Good luck with that.

There are AGE LIMITS for those applying for the scholarship. Please read the CSC page on eligibility for more information.



Hello. Where are you applying from? Just studying Chinese or pursuing a degree? What did your local Chinese embassy say? Where and how did you get your papers notarized? Did you apply for your school of choice beforehand? Where did you get your Physical Exam done? Anything else you learned or would like to share?

Please refrain from discussion on which schools to apply to. There is a lot of information you may find around these forums. If you find the application process is too overbearing, we are here for you. Yet, keep in mind this is how things are done in China, so consider the commitment of living there.

I want to thank everyone that has been/is/will be a part of this project - including all the admins, members, lurkers - everyone, especially extrapages. Extrapages has helped out thousands over the years and helped spread awareness that the Chinese government will pay you to study in China. It's a huge collaborative effort, and I'm glad we're in this together. Good luck, boys and girls. See you in China!

kdavid Study Plan CSC 2011(1).pdf

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Hi Guys, I have a question and hopefully you might help me out with this one. I already have a Msc, but is it possible to pursue another Msc with this scholarship? Or does this work like most scholarship where you need only to apply to the 'next' / 'higher' degree in line?

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  • New Members

Hi Guys, I have a question and hopefully you might help me out. I'm studying Mandarin right now as a CSC scholarship student. To be honest I feel hard and worry in one year I am able fluent in Mandarin and can take my master course that will be taught in Chinese. I wanna take master directly in english.

Is it possible to change university but I still get the CSC Scholarship ?



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That's going to depend on your transfer credits, and the schools in China/abroad. The CSC isn't going to organize/pay for you to take 1-2 classes on the side.


Yes, but it may be extremely difficult, contact the CSC and the school and see what they say.

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Thanks Brian. I figured as much plus transferring the credits would be an extreme pain according to my school here in the U.S. Ideally, I would like to do my internship while over there. Do you know of any student's/forum members who have done such a thing, while on the language program? It would probably amount to 15-20 hours per week for the year. I don't expect it to be paid or paid for(though that would be nice) just if there is any opportunity? It seems Beijing would be the best place for such a thing.

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Thanks a lot for your post Brian US. Im 26 yo, from Ukraine, and im gonna apply for 2013 CSC scholarship, but one thing still bothers me. My main reason why i want to go to China is to study Chinese, but im also LL.M and BA in International and Economic Relations, so im not sure where i should apply for a 2 years of language studies or on Masters in International and Economic Relations \ or Doctoral in Law taught in Chinese with 2 years of language studies prior to degree. Some say i would be able to understand Chinese enough to study while others say vice versa. I dont consider studying in English because you wont be allowed to take 1-2 years of Chinese language studies :D. All Russians i know received CSC scholarship applied to be taught in English.

Any thoughts about my wall of text Brian US?

Thanks in advance anyway! :roll:

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I'm a tad confused, I apologize in advance if I misinterpreted anything.

I want to apply to a Tianjin University and a few other universities in China. I am a undergraduate student in the United States. If I want to apply to Tianjin University, do I have to submit all the documents for the 2013 CSC scholarship to my closest Chinese consulate and then send all my application materials to the universities I want to apply to?

Do you guys recommend submitting and online application and a hard application?

I can't open the link to find all the forms either.

Thanks everyone

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@ Dorimi If this information helps last year I was accepted to an Master's in International Relations Program at Peking University taught completely in English with Chinese language courses to supplement. One caveat was though that this was a half scholarship, and the price tag was still kind of expensive (about $15,000). I would investigate other international relation English taught programs and list those as your top schools. I think another option you have is to list an IR school even if taught in Chinese, and list you need 1-2 years prep language courses beforehand. I'm not sure if this is enough time, but I believe this was the case for many on this forum who were going for Master's degree's.

On a side not does anyone know if we can start the 2013 application online before January?

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hi guys, i want to ask about submiting multiple form online ( since we already know the agency code for each university) i want to apply the CGS to 3 universities using their own agency code. since i want to have a bigger chance for getting the scholarship. is that okay to submit form more than 1 under one name but different agency number and institution? i heard that if we want to apply more than 1 uni, than we should fill forms one by one using each university agency code and put one university(same university) as the main option ,2nd and 3d option. after submit it, print then retrieve it. and in the end we have to submit the university we want the most.

i still don't get the point. since i want to get in touch with the uni representative first before post the documents to china. please help

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Hi everyone,

I studied Mandarin last year in Beijing with American government scholarships, but I am taking a year off before going to graduate school in Chinese History and would like to come back to Beijing.

I have been looking through a lot of information about the scholarship, and I was worried that perhaps people applying just to study Chinese Language didn't often get the scholarship, but apparently that isn't the case after reading the information on CSC.

How many of you were able to receive the CSC full scholarship just to study Chinese language. And did any of you study at Tsinghua University?

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Something is bothering me - according to the official CSC website if you want to apply for a Master's or Doctoral Degree "2. Applicants must not be students in Chinese universities at the time of application(or at least one year after graduation in China)", which is a wee bit weird. Right now I'm a language student at Zhejiang University, but I'm paying for everything myself, so when it comes to scholarships it doesn't make any difference if currently i'm a student in China or, say, Africa.

Is anybody able to clarify that/or have had the same problem? I plan to go back to my home country (in my case Bulgaria) and I don't want to go there and lie that I'm not in China/ or that I'm working or something similar. Not that they have the means to verify the information, it's just that the whole thing doesn't make much sense. Anyone able to explain, please :) ?

Regards, Alex

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I've found some information about applying for a scholarship from the EU which says these documents are required for applying:

- CV

- proof of application to the university of choice (/acceptance letter)

- recommendation letter from the dean or director of your university

Has anyone heard of these requirements before? Are these really necessary when applying for a non-degree Chinese course?

One more question: are the chances of receiving a 2-year Chinese language scholarship the same as receiving a 1-year scholarship? I'd love to get a 2-year scholarship, but if the chances of obtaining a 1-year scholarship are higher than I'd rather play safe.

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Wow, didn't realize I had fallen so far behind on these.

I would like to do my internship while over there. Do you know of any student's/forum members who have done such a thing, while on the language program?

Kinda hazy on the whole working situation over here. Most would say it doesn't matter if you aren't getting paid, but I really don't know. Very rarely do I hear about English teachers being busted over having the wrong visa.


Not sure on the program since most people do a degree in Chinese, so they will require a couple years of language training. The scholarship rarely covers programs taught in English.

do I have to submit all the documents for the 2013 CSC scholarship to my closest Chinese consulate and then send all my application materials to the universities I want to apply to?

No, just your consulate, but maybe better off sending it to the DC embassy. I've heard of people applying successfully through their local consulate, but I think it still goes through DC after that.

Hi Guys, I wanted to know if the mode of teaching is in Chinese are the course books and exam papers all gonna be in Chinese?

Yes, it has made me cry a few times.


I don't think that will work.

Something is bothering me - according to the official CSC website if you want to apply for a Master's or Doctoral Degree "2. Applicants must not be students in Chinese universities at the time of application

I doubt it, I got the master's degree scholarship while studying Chinese at BLCU.

One more question: are the chances of receiving a 2-year Chinese language scholarship the same as receiving a 1-year scholarship? I'd love to get a 2-year scholarship, but if the chances of obtaining a 1-year scholarship are higher than I'd rather play safe.

Nobody knows, it will probably depend on the school.

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Hi i am from Pakistan..nd completing mbbs from china in march 2013..I will get my degree in may .2013...it is bachelor degree and now I want to apply for clinical post graduation in china in orthopedic in any university on scholarship basis for classes starting in spetember 2013...some people told me I can not apply this year and I will have to wait one year as all scholarships will be closed before my graduation...I want to know is there any way I can apply this year.. I do not want to waste my one year just waiting...pleas tell me some solution..how I can apply for postgraduation on scholarsh basis in any gud uni in year 2013

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