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Indie / Rock Music?

Lost in Mong Kok

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Lost in Mong Kok

I'm looking for blogs / websites which cover Indie and Rock music in China. I'm struggling to find anything that covers anything other than the standard popular genre of love songs.

I know that such music isn't mainstream and even Chinese friends have struggled to name any bands.

The only place in north-eastern Asia where I have found a "scene" is in Korea. Really hoping someone has a few recommendations for China / Taiwan!

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I've found Douban's music site very helpful for finding indie music from China. Their music page has a "hot songs" chart (divided by genre): http://music.douban.com/. Also of note is their "hot artists" chart: http://music.douban.com/artists/. These charts don't seem to include very many mainstream artists, although the occasional Western artist sneaks in. If you sign up for the site and "like" some artists, Douban will give you a personalized "hot artists" chart.

Both charts get updated about once or twice a week, and you can play the songs in your browser. You can also download songs by using the "inspect element" feature of your browser and visiting the MP3 link directly.

Here are a few 摇滚 recommendations:









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Are you searching in simplified or hanzi?

I like Dao Lang - he features on a lot of sinablogs. Hong Kong produced the Tat Lau and Raidas and a lot of Beyond stuff.

Some of the younger guys like the Chen guy who covers that famous Radiohead hit "Sing" Does more of the acoustic folk rock stuff.

I confess I don't read the blogs much. Just look for the albums ;)

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Ruben von Zwack

So Mongkok, have you found interesting music in the meantime, and maybe can share some recommendations? :D

I find this label interesting, especially PK 14 and Dear Eloise is to my taste:


I am a big fan of 萨顶顶 / 薩頂頂 / Sà Dǐngdǐng. Her style is not rock, but Indie. Comparable to Björk maybe.

I like 刀郎 Dāo Láng as suggested by G_String too.

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Joseph Kimbrell

Is there a lot of music similar to Visual Kei in China? I know Gackt and some others are pretty popular there (or rather, I've heard he is).

I've heard the Chinese music scene is really beginning to grow. I really want to visit sometime.

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Resurrecting this thread. There is a possibility that I might go to Beijing next year for holiday, if this pandemic situation ever get under control. Would love to go and see some bands while I'm there :) Anyone has any favourite venues or current fave bands? 


My brother introduced me to: 




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@mungouk Thanks! I did have look at some venues from that site and found out that a few were closed down. I guess I’ll have to research more closer to the time 🤓

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