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favourite Chinese film?


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From Taiwan, Director Hou Hsiao Hsien's epic "A City of Sadness".

(Anyone who wants to explore the Taiwan Independence issue should watch it -- But curiously Hou is actually from Guangdong. Hmm...But his "Puppetmaster" is much less boring.)

From Mainland, lately Zhang Yimou's "Happy Time" is much better made than his famed "Hero".

From Hong Kong, Director Fruit Chan's movies are really surreal.

But I still like the old time movies of Tsui Hark -- "Once Upon a Time in China" series and "Chinese Ghost Story" series.

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"Where is that filmed, the last scene of "Tiger & Dragon", where she leaps off the bridge into the clouds?"

This is about six months too late but the location of the temple and the bridge filmed at the end of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragan is Mt. Canyang in Hebei Province not far from Shijiazhuang.

As far as my favorite movie, I just love To Live, or Lifetimes as it is called here in China. The Road Home was beautiful and Not One Less was especially touching since my first teaching job was in the Hebei Province countryside.

Has anyone seen Roots and Branches (Wode XiongDi JieMei)? Now I'm pretty good at keeping my emotions in check when I watch movies. I never cried after watching a movie until I saw this one. I blubbered like a baby. I'm not the only one. A British born Chinese friend, another guy, told me he did too.

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blob wrote:

For me its Shanghai flowers by (Taiwanese director) or Hou Hsiao Hsien.

Another one is dong xie xi du by wong kar wai (I forget its english name)

dong xie xi du= Ashes of Time

a great movie

yeah, that is a cool movie...

Chinese Ghost Story series are nice too

From relatively recent ones, Shower (洗澡) was not bad...

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Recently I really liked the film "Suzhou River" (Its called the exact same thing in Chinese), although I can't recall who directed it.

I saw another film recently, a Taiwanese film called "Twenty-something Taipei" which had some bits which I thought were well done, although I think it succumbed to cheesiness in the end.

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Nice to see a couple of mentions for Suzhou River. Although there's an element of fantasy in it, it's gritty and shows the dirty side of life in China. It's much better than some of the overly-sentimental, sanitised stuff that Zhang Yimou (eg. Yi ge ye bu neng shao 一个也不能少) and Chen Kaige (eg. He ni zai yiqi 和你在一起) have churned out.

Zhou Xun is completely captivating, and shows what a good actress she can be, even though she's now sold out and starting singing pop.

For anyone who likes realistic backdrops in their Chinese films, I'd also recommend Zhou Yu de huoche 周渔的火车 (with Gong Li). Although it's not the best film ever, and is also a little sentimental, it's set in a bleak landscape of poor villages that most people never have any reason to visit. It's more representative of the China i've seen than a lot of other films.

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