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這首歌感情深沉 in English


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Thanks everybody.


Emotional sounds a bit ambiguous as it could mean emotive too. Do you think full of emotion is better?


I am afraid the two translations you proposed wouldn't work because 感情深沉 doesn't have to be sad or full of melancholy. Put it in another way, the original says 歌手是帶著很深的感情去唱的.

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I think "this song is really deep" is the best proposed translation so far. The only downside is that in English "deep", as a metaphorical adjective, is often used sarcastically, so the word has a slightly lame connotation.

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Deep doesn't carry that connotation where I come from, but it can be used sarcastically like almost every other word.

As for emotional, I thought that saying a song is emotional is the same thing as saying it is full of emotion. I don't get "emotive", but yes "full of emotion" is less ambiguous but feels kind of trite to me.

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I know I'm a bit late, but I suggest the most authentic equivalent is "X has great emotional depth". Bit clichéd (especially in certain circles), but at least it's not (yet!) prone to sarcasm, misunderstanding or otherwise.

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