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ZDT 0.9.0 pleco export does not contain definitions

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This is about the export function in Pleco format.

The export to pleco format does not contain the definitions. Should it be that way?

I think that I want to use my own definitions when using Pleco, the same ones that I have already entered in ZDT from the study book, not the Pleco ones.

// testAB
要是 yao4 shi5
要好 yao4 hao3
要不然 yao4 bu4 ran2

How can export add definitions to Pleco export?

Is this a bug or feature request?

Thank you!

(See for more information on the new release v0.9.0x: http://www.chinese-forums.com/index.php?/topic/36996-zdt-090b1-relased/)

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I just need to select the corresponding export option and then I have the definitions exported as well. Haven't you? (see screenshot)


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Entirely my mistake. Overlooked the Next button... and so did not select 'Export definitions'. It works.

And again, thank you!

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