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Mastering Chinese Characters - Anki Deck

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I've been using the level 3 deck for the last month, and I love it. It gives the characters within a context, and each character shows up several different ways. The sentences are a bit formal at times, but my Chinese is far enough along that I can spot that, or my wife or teacher point it out to me. It only takes me 30 minutes a day, so I can certainly see myself going through the following 6 levels in the next year or two.

I have two questions:

1. Where does this deck come from? I see the information online, but it doesn't tell me much.

2. Has anyone used this desk through the 10th level? If so, what were your results? Would you recommend it?

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Ruben von Zwack

I am using the deck called "New HSK All Levels (1级–6级)" and will finish level 2 next week and start with 3. So if the ones you are using are nicer I may take that opportunity to switch to them.

I cannot complain about "my" deck, but what bugs me is that it has no pinyin but numbers instead, so I go and fix this for every card manually.

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Hey Guys! I could really use some help :)


I have finished Mastering Chinese Characters 01 and 02.

I have just started 03, but it seems to work little bit differently than 2 previous ones!

In 01 and 02 the character which was supposed to be learned, always used in a sentence was bold (font). It was very handy and useful, and it allowed me to focus beter.


Unfortunately, the Mastering Chinese Characters 03, once imported to Anki doesn't make anything BOLD, and all of the Characters look the same. Is there any way to change it?

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Hi guys, I´m new with the anki´s decks and I was looking for the most recomendable deck. Reading I found out that de Mastering Chinese Characters  was the best for lot of people but I can´t find it anywhere. Is there a way that any of you could share it with me? I really hope you can help me.


(Sorry for the bad english, my native language is spanish)

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I know it is probably too late for you but it might help others. I wrote a Python script that fixed the issue with the bold characters. I just tried it on MCC3 and it worked like a charm but haven't tested it more. I will post it below:


Fix bold indicator in MCC 3 and higher
by: Thomas Niedermayer

Get the collection.anki2 file from the apkg file of an MCC deck by opening it with zip and extracting the .anki2.
This script will return a fixed collection.anki2 which you can use to replace the previous one in the apkg file.

from os.path import join
import os
import ankipandas
import re

# folder where the collection.anki2 file is located

# function that fixes a single sentence
def fix_df_cell(sentence_overlist):

    sentence_to_change = sentence_overlist[0]
    sentence_with_character = sentence_overlist[1]
    pattern = re.compile(r"<br */>")

    a = pattern.finditer(sentence_with_character)
    # find out the last \newline
    cut = list(pattern.finditer(sentence_with_character))[-1].end()
    # find out which character has to be boldened
    searching_area = sentence_with_character[cut:]
    ### find all chinese characters (unique)
    characters_to_bolden = list(set(re.findall(r'[\u4e00-\u9fff]+', searching_area)))

    for char in characters_to_bolden:
        sentence_to_change = sentence_to_change.replace(char, "<b>" + char + "</b>")

    return sentence_to_change

# load collection
df = ankipandas.collection.Collection(join(path_, "collection.anki2"))

for i in range(len(df.notes)):
    # get the data for a single entry (like vocab or sentence)
    sentence_overlist = df.notes.iloc[i,-2]
    # if the cell is a sentence fix it
    if(sentence_overlist[-1] == "sentence"):
        df.notes.iloc[i, -2][0] = fix_df_cell(sentence_overlist)

# save collection and create backup folder
bu_folder = join(path_, "collection_bu_folder", "collection.anki2")
if not os.path.exists(bu_folder):

df.write(modify=True, backup_folder=bu_folder)
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Since i have seen that this chat can interpret HTML, some code has gone missing, so I will post a screenshot here, so you can fix the 3 places where code is missing.

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