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Fb v1.0.0 - importing flashcard to retain order - important?

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I want to know the opinion of any other ZDT users. When ZDT imports a series of flashcards, is it important that the order from the file is maintained? I.e. the first flashcard in the file, appears as the first in the list, then the second, third and so on?

I like to use it, because then I can learn the words in blocks, in the same order as they appear in the text/story. The only thing is that I have no idea if this is only me, or that this really helps others as well.

This is the file I imported (with T S P D N). I have put a digit (1-9) in each entry's definition so as to easier identify the result:

提高 提高 ti2gao1 to raise1; to heighten; to enhance; to improve 动词; verb; Lesson 10; Hanyu Jiaocheng
貿易 贸易 mao4yi4 business2; commercial activity 名词; noun; Lesson 10; Hanyu Jiaocheng
憤怒 愤怒 fen4nu4 angry3; furious 形容词; adjective; Lesson 10; Hanyu Jiaocheng
頭兒 头儿 tou2 r5 boss4; head 名词; noun; Lesson 10; Hanyu
改天 改天 gai3tian1 some5 other day 副词; adverb; Lesson 10; Hanyu Jiaocheng
拍 拍 pai1 to pound6 (e.g. with the fist on the desk); to knock 动词; verb; Lesson 10; Hanyu Jiaocheng
弄 弄 nong4 to do7; to manage; to handle 动词; verb; Lesson 10; Hanyu Jiaocheng
技巧 技巧 ji4qiao3 skill8 名词; noun; Lesson 10; Hanyu Jiaocheng
反問 反问 fan3wen4 to ask9 (a question) in reply; to retort 动词; verb; Lesson 10; Hanyu Jiaocheng

The output order was something like:

1, 7, 3, 9, 6, 8, 5, 4, 2 (see screenshot to visualize it)post-50134-0-22785200-1368032999_thumb.jpg

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It's weird, that the import changes the order. Me too I needed the specific order for the same reason as you. This is why I added an option in v0.9.0 so that flashcards are not randomly shown. Do you use this option?

Btw. best is to open a feature request at sourceforge with a link to this thread.

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These days I do not have a lot of time; but as soon as I have, I will open a feature request. Then I will also test the new version and respond to the other updates (if applicable).

To clarify: when creating new Entries with CTRL-N, the order of entering is preserved. But when importing them form a file, not. See the earlier uploaded screenshots.

Edit: "...option...that flashcards are not randomly shown. Do you use this option?" Yes, I do, I turn it off when I want to see them in order as entered. The option "Random order" itself works correctly. As said, the import has already changed to order, "Random order"=off doesn't solve the problem.

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This is a great fix! Tracker closed.

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