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travelling in china while renewing the residence permit


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Hello everyone, I submitted my passport and all needed documents for my residence permit renewal to the office of Tsinghua university, and they gave me a "receipt for accepted application" with my passport data etc and the date in which I have to pick up my passport, which is August 14th! I was thinking about travelling by train next weeks but I won't have the passport for the next 3 weeks!! Is it possible to travel using the piece of paper that they gave me? It's issued by the Beijing Traders-Link International Business Service. It has also a red rectangular stamp on it, so it looks like it's an official paper. I mean maybe I can use it as temporary passport here in China.

Any idea? thanks

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You can buy tickets and board trains with just a photocopy of your passport. It's a common practice and nobody will be surprised.

Anyway, that's what you get for not submitting the documents yourself. Processing a residence permit renewal takes only 5 working days.

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I think this is very much going to depend on who you happen to be dealing with. There is I think a more official slip of paper you can get from the PSB which should work, but you don't have that, you've just got something from an agent. But even if you have the right bit of paper, you could spend ages explaining yourself if they've never seen one before.

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ok, when you say PSB do you mean any police station can do this or there is a specific office?

The PSB entry/exit office which is in charge of the area where you live. That allows you to travel while your passport is in their possession. The two issues you will have to face during domestic travel are purchasing tickets (train or plane) and checking into hotels.

You may have some trouble with your current temporary document, though you could try it. The official one from the PSB works in place of a passport. Did you also keep a photocopy of your passport? Having that as a backup helps too.

Maybe it would help to ask the office at Tsinghua where you submitted it.

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"The official one from the PSB works in place of a passport."

Are you sure about this?

I was in the same situation but ended up not travelling. I do not have first hand experience but I did spend one whole day looking on the internet haha

It seems like you can travel using the official receipt from the PSB. However, you need to tell them you need to travel while you are there, before they give you the receipt. Then they affix a passport photograph to the receipt and stamp it. According to what I found out, only then does it become a valid travel document. I have an example of one on my laptop but I can't find where I found the original online...

Additionally, some people said they asked this at the PSB and the person they were dealing with said it is not possible to do that.

All the advice I read was that, if you plan on using this, go really early and be prepared to argue your case, beg, reason with them etc.

As Roddy mentioned, it seemed like it really depends on who you are dealing with.

One person told a story of managing to travel by plane using this document but when he arrived at his hotel, they called the police on him (and didn't tell him) because he didn't have a passport and was using some piece of paper. He ended up staying further out of the city.

So, if you could get this document and manage to board a train or buy a train ticket with it, even then you might not be able to find a place to stay. On top of that, in order to get home again, you would need to convince someone again to let you board a plane/train.

Also, the most recent post I found of someone doing this was 2012.

It seems the short answer to your question is "it depends" and the less positive short answer is "no".

...but good luck! and let us know how it goes :)

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That's the problem - even if you get whatever you need, you're going to spend the whole damned trip explaining yourself.

Can you stick that example you found up? Even just knowing the Chinese name would help people trying to get one.

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A couple of other threads about flying with a visa renewal receipt. I was able to fly successfully with the visa receipt a few years ago, but had trouble convincing a hotel to accept it upon my arrival. Had to stay at a friend's place that night. If I remember correctly, I did eventually find another hotel that would accept it.


Flying within China without a passport - has anyone done this recently?

I called the airport hotline and managed to get through to a real person. I explained my situation and she told me that I'd need the yellow visa receipt with my photo attached and stamped by the Entry-Exit Administration.


Visa Question- Fly 国内 without passport

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I guess the fact that the OP put this on the internet in the first place is as good as permission to repost it... right?

See the photo of a PSB receipt with photo and stamp. This enabled the OP to travel.post-47543-0-01899300-1374660334_thumb.jpg

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#7 --

It seems the short answer to your question is "it depends" and the less positive short answer is "no".

I would go along with that. Must confess that my experience was not first hand. It was a "someone told me he did it" situation.

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Hi everybody !!


Here my situation : I am student who is currently studying in China, i have a 30 days student VISA and my school is currently doing the paper to get me a 1 year student VISA. They took my passport and gave me a yellow paper as a proof that i can stay in CHINA. The problem is : This procedure take around one month, so during that time i have no passport.


I would like to travel by plane to another city in China, and the school told me there is no problem, i can travel by plane with my yellow paper everything gonna be fine as long as i stay in China.


Honnestly this is hard to believe, i dont wanna go to the airport and hear "sorry you can not travel without passport"


What do you think ? Do you think i Can travel in China without passport with this yellow paper ?


Thanks in advance for your answers





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It can be done, but on your travels you might encounter people who don't know that it can be done.  In those situations, you will need to try and convince them.


What does the yellow piece of paper say on it?  Does it have something in Chinese that explains its function?

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