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A New History for a New China, 1700-2000: New Data and New Methods, Part 1


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This course just began at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, via Coursera. This far it has been quite good. Consists of video lectures, supplementary reading, and quizzes.

Could have sworn there was a previous thread about it, but can't turn it up, even with diligent searching. I signed up many months ago and am pretty sure I learned of it here. (Maybe from a post by Skylee.)

Not sure if enrollment is still open, but it probably is, since it is still just the middle of the first week. You will have to hustle if you don't want to miss out. The course is free.

Information here:


Edit: I put this in the "Courses Outside of China" section not because it's in Hong Kong, but because it's on the internet. (I realize Hong Kong is part of China.) Moderator please move it if this location is not appropriate.

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Some of the people in my circle are enthusiastic about the whole MOOC idea. I find their enthusiasm a bit hard to understand. I don't really see the difference in nature between MOOCs and conventional distant / correspondence courses (of course the means of instruction are different).

This article on NYTimes is interesting - Two Cheers for Web U!

Perhaps you could share your experience when you have finished the course.

Coursera is not the only platform out there. edX is another one, and HKU, HKUST, PekingU and Tsinghua have joined it. Perhaps there will be more MOOCs on Chinese in the future.

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" I don't really see the difference in nature between MOOCs and conventional distant / correspondence courses (of course the means of instruction are different)."

You can get courses for free from top universities.

I was kind of put off when once Coursera course I did was basically cobbled together from bad lecture videos, power points and javascript quizzes - it did not feel I was getting the full benefit of the Internet age. Good to see some positive feedback.

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