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Translation Marathon: papertrails of the barefoot


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Hi everyone, I'm a new member to this community and I'd like to start by translating some of the articles/essays I come across, and in a way it's a place I want to store my translations and also share them online accessible by other Chinese language lovers/aficionados.

The piece I'm attempting on translating from English to Chinese is an essay on the Re-organization of Capitalism by comparison between contemporary Japan and Germany, written by Steven K. Vogel.


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Translating from your native language to Chinese is good practice, but hard and not very rewarding. Know that most professional translators tend to translate into their native language and do not accept work translating into another language.

That said, good luck to you in your endeavors. Make sure you get some feedback from a Chinese speaker; seek out your mistakes and correct them!

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@ 舵主: yep, and here is the 1st stage draft of that page


Steven K. Vogel

日本和德国的资本主义类型在最基本的意义当中改变,然而他们并不是collapsing 也没有聚焦到市场自由主义。不过,他们在“卷土重来,”自己走自己的路。但是我们要运用哪一种学术方式来看待并尝试来解释未来institution(机构?)的发展趋势呢?在这一章节,我主张要了解德国和日本资本主义的变化,则要先了解他们国家的现有机构,因为这些机构强力地操作着变化的pattern。我研究出一项简单的测量机构变化的模型并将其运用在两国最基本的机构当中:劳资关系-labor relations和金融系统。


为了当前的实验,我将日本和德国体系当成一个有部分机构(其中包括政治系统,中间层intermediate associations ,金融系统,劳资关系以及公司之间的关系)组成的一项项economic governance的整体。德国,日本的Organized 市场经济OME与自由化市场经济LME的不同,在于OME 更加注重于公司和劳工,公司与银行,以及公司与公司之间的合作关系。intermediate associations以及政府部门则是维持这项私有厂商之间合作的重要成员。 虽然机构与机构之间在各个国家有着不同的体现,OME和LME依然保存着相当的不同。 这样的政治体系(governnance structure) 时刻影响着公司决策,公共政策,一个经济成效等等。

@ zhouhaochen, its my first attempt ever to translate a piece like this, so finger crossed, and thanks for support! :D

@ mokushiroku, thank you, feedbacks are really important to me, so any corrections/advise/comments/suggestions are welcome.

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