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Hi everyone,

I have done a quick search on the forum and haven't found anything similar as to what I am interested in.

I need to find a good orthodontist AND dentist in Shanghai and would really appreciate someone's recommendations. I have searched other discussion boards and found a few good orthodontists but most of those boards were pretty old, so would be good to add a couple of new names just in case. Also, does anyone know how much (approximately) visits/consultations at the "western" dental clinic could cost in Shanghai? I've heard it's expensive but it would be good to have a rough estimate as to what I could expect.

Any input would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

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A few years ago I paid about RMB500 for a medical consultation at a 'Western' clinic that lasted a few minutes...probably a few seconds even. Some hospitals have sections for foreigners, they are much more cheaper and my friends have had no complaints.

Now that I think of it, had I not ticked the 'consultation' box I probably wouldn't have been charged for it. I could have asked the doctor a few questions during the standard medical check up. :D

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@shuoshuo It's so ridiculous...I have contacted a few "western" clinics, which were recommended by expat forums and they told me that monthly check ups/consultations would cost me around 1800 RMB (190 GBP)! To be more specific, I have braces for which I need to see an orthodontist every 1.5 month. I knew it would be expensive but never thought it would be THAT expensive. It would cost me 50 GBP max in London...I don't know what I am going to do!

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I suggest trying one of the larger hospitals. Much dental work is done in hospitals (unlike in the UK), although I don't know if they have orthodontists, but it's worth enquiring. If language is a problem, try one of the top university hospitals, say Jiaotong Uni or Fudan Uni. The doctors there seem to be able to speak at least some English.

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Yeah, that's what I am thinking of doing. Heard some really good reviews about Hospital No. 9 and checked out a few bios - they do have an orthodontist and he might even speak English. If not, I will get a Chinese friend to help me out on this one or something. Btw, got another e-mail response from one of the clinics and they charge even more - 2160 rmb. Are they insane?

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I'm glad this came up - I'm also looking for a dentist, everything I have read so far suggests dental treatment in a hooinspital would be a much better option, and that the quality of treatment as actually quite good (btetterhen I would expect). Will try to book an appointment soon.

'Western Clinics' are indeed extremely expensive. I managed to get a free consultation, however I was told I needed several fillings, at a cost of 1000 RMB per filling!

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Dental treatment is difficult here. My wife is a dental hygienist and she's talked to a lot of expat dental shops here, and there are quite a few, but they're pretty expensive. Here are a few to have a look at. Pure Smiles, J Smiles, New York Dental, DDS Dental (Chinese w/expat focus), Parkway, Shanghai United. If you want to go a bit more local, have a friend help you look for Korean or Japanese dentists. There are a lot of these types of dental clinics around and they are a bit cheaper. It's hard to get good care in China!

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This is quite an old discussion, but we think it will be helpful for future reference anyway.


We are French Dentist, founded in 2007, a team of highly qualified dentists, orthodontics and specialists from France, Germany and South Korea. We have two branches at the moment, one at Puxi and another one at Pudong.


Our services include: dentistry, implantology, orthodontics, language and speech therapy.


For further enquiries, you can contact us at: 021-51699696


email: [email protected]


or visit our website: http://www.frenchdentist.cn/



Warmest greetings to all,


French Dentist

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