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Is there a different between 味道 and 口味?


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味道 can mean "flavour", or "smell", depending on context. (In Chinese these two concepts often overlap, as in the case of the adjective 香, which can mean both smelling good and tasting good.) 味道 can be a metaphor for one's "feelings" as well.

口味, on the other hand, can mean the flavour of food, but it can also mean one's "tastes", i.e., one's personal preferences. A common expression in Mandarin is 口味很重, meaning one has an unusual taste.

Hope that helps.

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味道 is usually used to describe a certain food: salty, greasy, fatty, savory, yummy..... 如,这道菜味道很咸



口味 is used to describe a person's taste.  如,我的口味很重,喜欢咸的,辣的食物。

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