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Hi guys


Apologies to Roddy if I've posted this in the wrong forum.


Well, I've considered becoming a student at one of China's universities, but now I'm considering working fulltime instead. I was wondering if anyone here has any experience of teaching science in China and was also wondering if you could share your wisdom and experiences with me.


Assuming I have a PGCE teaching degree and a PhD in engineering I can teach mathematics/physics/chemistry, but what if I only have have 1 years teaching experience?


What sort of positions should I aim for, and what sort of salary/benefits can I expect? I want to aim high both long and short term.


Is 25,000 RMB per month within my reach?



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Fortunately, my undergraduate degree was in physics.


Of that 25,000, if I was living in one of the less expensive cities, for example, Chengdu, how much could I save? I live an almost spartan lifestyle at home and I'm content with a small basic apartment and no car, fancy toys, or anything like that.


As long as I have a computer, my books and access to the internet I'm a very happy and contented person.


I'm not sure about the tax system in China, but I'm sure it's complicated!



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25.000 at a public university? Dream on. Finding a job should be possible, though you will have to look around a few cities at least. Unless they take you in for you educational background - like having studied at some globally renowned university - then you will have to face chinese candidates who look for job security foremost and will be paid much less. If you dont speak Chinese, well, that will make things harder, since that is the language of instruction in more than 98% of courses.


Now as for the salary, a chinese professor at a normal provincial university makes around 7.000-8.000, a bit more at a 211, and you can add some more for first-level cities (those numbers only 差不多 from asking my chinese colleagues). A foreigner in the same position can get more if he's lucky, but not close to 20.000. There are recruitment programs for international faculty that pay nicely - the Thousand Talent Program for example, but you will have to be an established teacher/faculty member in the West already and have a record of publications. Outside of that, be happy if you make around 6.000 for a start with some benefits thrown in, e.g. free housing and travel allowance. Teaching more than 14 hours a week can get you up to 8.000 maybe. Thats the best you can expect for a start.

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Don't look for jobs in the state sector unless you want conditions as outlined by the poster above. 25000 RMB could reasonably be expected if you were to teach in a private high school teaching western curricula. Knowledge of chinese is not necessary. However, these jobs are harder to come by. I have no idea if such schools exist in Chengdu, but there are a few in Shanghai and new schools are opening all the time.

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I didn't say anything about teaching at a public university. Sorry, I should have made myself clear.


I am aiming for private schools teaching western courses.


An aside note, to me at least, it seems ridiculous that an English teacher can make more money than a university professor! I see english teaching jobs advertised all the time, no experience required, and they pay 10,000 RMB or more!




That sounds reasonable. Any idea what sort of income could I expect  per hour from private tutoring of science (western courses again) in Shanghai and also Chengdu?


Thanks for the responses guys.

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There is at least one international school in Chengdu. That region is developing as we speak, so there might be more (or if not now, then soon).


Is there a particular reason you want to teach and not find an engineering job with a company? You might have more opportunities in that field.

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It's difficult to suggest an hourly rate for private tuition. I don't think the market is large enough to really have much of a standard. You might even find it hard to find a regular supply of private students, especially if you do not have some connection to an official school. Having said that, over 500 yuan per hour is possible, but as I say, maybe difficult to find.

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