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Looking at moving to DaLian, but seems private school is not an option anymore


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I have currently lived in Beijing for a little more than one year. Beijing is not bad, but I have gotten really tired of how crowded it is and also just want to experience a new place. After a Chinese friend mentioned DaLian to me and coming across several posts on this forum praising DaLian I have become quite set on moving to there.

Also, a few people wrote good stuff about the RuiWen Language School, so that seemed like the perfect combination - the chance to study intensively at a good school in a city that seems to fulfill my requests. I do prefer a good private school over a university due to the small class settings you will find at private schools.


I am now studying at a private school in Beijing and they didn't have any troubles sorting out a study visa for me, so I didn't think it would be any problem for RuiWen. However, after being in contact with them today it turned out they can't help with study visas. So I contacted a few other private schools and this seems to apply for all the private schools in DaLian. Apparently, only the universities can help students get visas. This was quite a letdown honestly, but now I am seeking recommendations on universities in DaLian for Chinese Language Program. I have already checked out several posts on this forum, but there are not that many relevant posts and most are old.


From reading a bit on the forum quite a few people have not been very satisfied with Dalian University of Foreign Languages, but some other people were saying good stuff about Dalian University of Technology. So at the moment I am leaning towards DUF, but would still like to hear from more people who have actually studied at one of these universities. I am mainly interested in hearing about the quality of the teaching, whether you felt it suited your needs, how well you progressed and what efforts you made besides the studies in order to improve your Chinese.


People are also very welcome to suggest alternatives. Although I am more or less set on DaLian I am still open to suggestions, it might make me change my mind.

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It has been more than half a year since my last post which no one answered to, so it seems a bit hard to get response here, but I will try again. This time my situation is a little different, but the question is basically the same.


I ended up moving to Dalian and enrolled at Dalian University of Technology, but the teaching quality is for most parts so incredibly bad that I am now looking for other options. There are of course plenty of other universities to choose from, but I am now specifically looking for a private school. I have found a few schools through Google, but none of which seem to be able to provide visa.


Are anyone familiar with a private Chinese language school in Dalian which can help with study visa?

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