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I'm just a beginner at studying Korean, but, I did a Google Internet search for "우울시계"




It seems that it's a song titled "우울시계" or "Gloomy Clock"/"Depression Clock" in English.




The Hanja or Hanzi for "우울시계" appear to be "憂鬱時鐘".




I looked up the characters "憂鬱" and "時鐘" using GoldenDict with dictionary files formatted for StarDict.


The word "憂鬱" is given meanings of "melancholy; heavyhearted; dejected; disconsolate, mope; doldrums; hip; cafard; doldrums; melancholy; mope; blue; blue devils; feel blue; get the blues; have the blues; in the blues; sullen; depressed; hip; hyp; pip"


Gotta be some typos or other errors going on here. "hip, hyp, & pip"? No time to look them up at the moment to see if they're synonymous with the rest of the definitions.


Blue devils?!?!?!


The word "時鐘" has the meaning of "clock; timepiece".


Hope this is the "우울시계" you're inquiring about.



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Perhaps you can ask at a more Korean-oriented forum? There might be one or two persons here who know Korean, but chances are most of the people here won't find more than you could find yourself with some googling.

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