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Free printable Chinese HSK1 flash cards


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I have recently started learning standard spoken Chinese and simplified Chinese characters.  I wanted to use some flash cards, so I created three sets of HSK1 flash cards which I could print at home then cut apart myself.



  1. Simplified Chinese Character / Pinyin
  2. Simplified Chinese Character / English
  3. Pinyin / English

They are created in the free SVG format, and I used the free editor inkscape.


I have only created the HSK1 characters, since I am just a beginner.


It would have been a lot easier and cheaper to just buy professional laminated flash cards, but this was a fun project.  Now I can make any changes I want in the future.. add pictures, descriptions, traditional characters, etc.


There are also free flash card programs, but I wanted something I could use without a computer.. perhaps while laying in bed or cooking.


For your convenience, I have attached an archive of them directly to this post.  However, I recommend reading the full blog post for details.


I think for the future I will consider cards just for learning radicals.  Learning radicals - and some characters which are radicals - has been a lot easier for me than using flash cards.  Reading and Writing Chinese - Third Edition has been wonderful.


If you find my cards useful, or have suggestions, contact me through my blog or reply here and I will be emailed.



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Flashcards are probably among the most effective ways to learn the Chinese language. And because HSK (Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǒuyǔ Kǎoshì / 汉语 水平 口语 考试) is the most important Chinese test for foreigners/non-Mandarin speakers, we made Flashcards out of the HSK vocabulary as learning material. Check out the following HSK educational Flashcards to learn Mandarin Chinese language immediately!
The best learning method is finding what learning method (audio, visual, writing, reading, watching, questioning yourself, etc.) is most effective and efficient for you and start practicing in several of ways, such as:
  • HSK flashcards (Chinese character front side and English explanation back side)
  • studying words from paper
  • learning by writing Chinese characters on paper
  • learning by writing Chinese characters on the computer
  • learning by listening and at the same time looking for the Chinese characters meaning
  • learning by listening and checking Chinese pinyin writing
  • learning by listening and repeating
  • testing yourself with quiz and tests
  • etc
Most effective learning method to remember Chinese characters: practice with Chinese flash cards!
Find Mandarin Flash Cards Pdf: https://www.allbusinesstemplates.com/topic/MRDNV/hsk-chinese-flashcards/
“Practice testing” and “Distributed Practice” (over a long time) were unanimously chosen as most effective learning methods in general. Therefore, we can conclude is most efficient and effective, since practice testing with flash cards actually takes up much less time than other methods such as rereading, which practice testing with flash cards far outperforms! These HSK Mandarin Chinese words flash cards are suitable for those with a "high-performance mindset” and are often using professional education templates to achieve their goals faster! It includes the Chinese character on the front side and an explanation or meaning of the character in the English language on the back side.


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