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What happened to China History Forum?


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China History Forums was announced here in 2004. I joined in 2005 and I have been active most of the since, The site was pirated a few years ago and the damage was crippling, because when it returned the membership and activity was low. It remained an up and down struggle since, but never really recovered. In recent weeks it has dropped off the edge of the universe and I cannot access the forum.


Does anyone know what has happened to the 'China History Forum.'


go with the flow the river knows , , , 



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I have not used this site for along time since I devoted most of my effort to China History Forum. At one time the best Forum for China History and Culture on the net. 


Yes, you can merge the two accounts to this one.


go with the flow the river knows . . . .



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It depends what kind of stuff you are posting.  Anything purposefully antagonistic, or about a topic that has already been discussed to death with people unlikely to change their opinions will probably not make it past the moderation queue if it's a new poster, and will likely be moved/closed for others.  This is not for any censorship or sensitive topic reasons, but rather because such posts generate more heat than light and don't really make for good discussion.


Posts on recent political developments, or interesting aspects of history are always welcome.  In general, feel free to post something if you think it's relevant and interesting, and if it's out of place, moderators will sort it out.

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