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CSC Scholarship - 2014 Other Applicants

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Questions on Laihua Status (reposted from the general discucssion thread):


I can't tell you for sure what the different statuses mean: "currently checking," "application submitted," or "has already been recovered."

This topic was discussed recently in the general thread by rashid1587 (see post #283), as well in previous years (see a discussion in 2010 about this here and here).  Note that some scholarship winners never had their status updated to indicate they won the scholarship.  If you have definite information that is different about this, please feel free to contact me.


If you want definite information on your status, I would recommend contacting the school you applied to (and the dispatching authority you applied through, as applicable) for your actual status.


Concluding thoughts:


The CSC has until the end of July to notify applicants that they've been accepted.  I hope that to find out earlier, but am in the same "patiently waiting" boat as the rest of you!



Thread Closed


The 2014 CSC Scholarship application period has now concluded.  This thread is now closed, but we will continue our discussions of results over at the 2014 CSC Results thread.  


Thank you to each of you for making this discussion lively and helpful.  We had quite a few more posts in this thread than last year, which is great to see!  I hope that some of you will stick around after you get your scholarship to explain the process to the newcomers this fall!


Take care and best wishes on your applications!

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