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QQSRX: list of episodes


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Episode #1  2013 年11月4日
Translator photoshopped out of the photo of Zhou Enlai and Nixon shaking hands

Episode #2 2013 年10月8日

Our countrymen live frugally at home but when they're abroad buy luxury items to give their bosses.

Episode #3 2013 年12月5日

People swear oaths as easily as farting

Episode #4 2013 年12月5日

Weixin, and The DWT Prettiest Presenter Prize

Episode #5 2013 年12月17日

Tough Living Conditions

Episode #6 2013 年01月22日

It wasn’t a mistake for Wan Jiawei to pick Zhou Benshan for The Grandmaster

Episode #7 2011 0822

The Smurfs Movie is not popular in Hong Kong

Episode #8 2013 年03月15日

Male Models: Ma Ying-jeou’s son-in-law isn’t a handsome guy, he actually looks more like a thief.

Episode #9 2014 年04月24日

Gabriel García Márquez and Magical Realism

Episode #10 1999

Peng Liyuan
Episode #11 2014 0617
The World Cup

Episode #12 2013 1025

Chinese language

Episode #13 2014 0806

Who wants to see their spouse every day

Episode #14 2014 0929

Deng on TV, also Meng

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Great idea!

Imron pointed me to those and I really enjoy them too. They are still way above my current level, but not so much that I'd completely drown. I also like your routine. Looking deeper into one per week sounds manageable. Might copy that routine from you :mrgreen: 


Are you planning to post episode by episode?

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Imron pointed me to those

And I found out about them from another person on the forums :mrgreen:


I actually ignored checking them out for quite a while when I first heard about them, it was only when I saw the name popping up several times over the course of several months that I decided to have a look.

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Are you planning to post episode by episode?

(Not quite sure what you mean.) I'll be picking new or recent ones that I find interesting enough to spend extra time on.

I have to admit that a decent proportion of them will propbably have the Taiwanese presenter 竹幼婷 cos she is lovely and I like the mainland versus Taiwan jokey chat they often get going, the host inveitably leaning over at one point to say 'Now look here Taiwan Meimei, see how cunning we Mainlanders are....'.

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What's the easiest way to get the audio from these?

For me this simply involves having Audacity open, pressing record (stereo mix enabled) and then playing the video; then telling audacity to convert it to an mp3.

This also means I'm more likely to actually watch each episode rather than just listen. And depending on your level of Chinese, watching rather than juts listening to the interaction and interplay helps with following the to-and-froing of their chat, and to getting used to the people on the show.

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Excellent stuff. I'm very keen to see this continue, so will make an effort to drop in and solve any problems I can. 


Imron, can you remember who first mentioned this show in here? I suspect it was wushijiao, but not sure. May have been carlo or gato...

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  • 2 weeks later...

I've added an alternative source of these episodes, including audio-only in decent quality, to post #2 above, copied below too. This 'login' information was first explained somewhere else on the forums years ago, I was a bit surprised to see it still works.


To download from http://www.overseakids.com/ , which I think is an unofficial source:


Search for 锵锵三人 on http://www.overseakids.com/

Near the bottom of the page, you get a list of options: [视频][HD][音频][64K]

These are video; HD video; audio only; better quality audio

Click on one of those options.

From the list of episodes, right-click on the episode you want, select "save as" or equivalent.


You're then asked for a user name and password.


User name: Guest   [need the capital G]

For the password, go to http://www.overseakids.com/?node=532

At the bottom there's a yellow box with a bit of blue peeking out the bottom. Click on the blue box and drag it so that the letters/numbers in white in the blue box are visible. This is the password, which will expire in a few minutes.


Alternatively, you can pay USD4 for audio-only or USD16 for audio + video, via paypal or card I think, to get a proper permanent password to the whole website. I'll confirm if paying for it still actually works.


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