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Mandarin Tuiton Manchester?


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There will no doubt be a student handbook that is endorsed by the exam body that does the Chinese GCSE you are looking At. I would probably buy that book as well as an absolute beginner text book. Would be helpful if both came with a CD. Self teaching yourself reading/writing would be okay I think. As for speaking, you could try find a skype based tutor. You can also find all the pinyin sounds recorded online for download. You can listen and mimic them as best you can.

Manchester has, i think, the biggest Chinese population outside of London in the UK. I'm sure there must be Chinese tutors out there OR people who would at least be willing to try and teach you the basics. The Confucian institute also has a presence in Manchester, or used to.

You could also mention this to your high school. It seems more and more people want to learn and more and more high schools are offering lessons in Mandarin.

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I misread your post a bit, i see you already know a bit.

I think if you bought the endorsed book for the exam, found some practice papers, you could probably get by.

You can also find Skype tutors online that could help you. I believe its a lot cheaper than hiring a one-on-one in person, especially in the UK.

Have you just tried googling "GSCE Chinese Manchester"?

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Yep, I have looked for a GCSE book but the reviews say that it's all in Chinese.  Not very helpful if you don't know Chinese already!

I have tried googling it but they are all really expensive, exept for this Chinese school but I am not sure they'll have any spaces.


Thanks anyways:)

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In that case...

Buy a different textbook AND the gsce guide book. Also, even if it's all in Chinese... you are learning Chinese. If it lists a key grammar point and you don't get the examples, use your other book to look it up or just go on the internet. Just pick out key points if you find it way over your head. Usually the format of textbooks lend themselves to at least being able to identify/guess key grammar.

Find a skype tutor on italki

Use online resources.

I've looked at the GCSE exam. It has English explanations of questions.

You can self study. Just get to it!!

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