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屌丝男士 A comedy skit program suitable for intermediates


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屌丝男士 - Loser Man (although the official English title is Diors Man)


http://www.soku.com/detail/show/XMTA4MzkwNA==   Season 1

http://www.soku.com/detail/show/XMTExMzQ1Ng==   Season 2


I searched and didn't find any posts on this but would recommend it for intermediate learners.

It's Chinese comedy show that is done in a western skit format.  Maybe it's just because I can understand it, but I do find it quite funny.


The comedian 大鹏 is somewhat similar to Mr Bean in this show, with a very humorous face, and lots of situations that poke fun at modern life in China which he muddles through.  He produces short 1-2 minute skits on buying a car, giving up your seat to the elderly, massage parlors, fighting over paying the bill, dating, office situations, gangsters, etc.


The everyday situations and dialog (including relatively easy word-play, innuendo and swearing), modern setting and short scenes make the show pretty accessible to all.   Sometimes you won't find the *actual* meaning of the words in a dictionary, but you'll figure it out from the joke most of the time.

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Just had a quick look at this, seems very funny and understandable if you are at an intermediate level. Reminds me a little of English sketch shows. You can often infer a lot from what is happening with the characters and what they are doing in the scene, which lots of very short sketches it helps with understanding a lot. 


Good find!

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Well isn't it strange..I saw this show on Propeller TV in UK for the first time this week. Took awhile to get the format. Most of the gags are visual and very little Chinese is needed but on Propeller TV they provide sub titles in English and characters.


I spent ages trying to work out if it was mandarin or Cantonese still not sure :) Not sure what language or viewers the channel was generally aimed at. I am not sure if this is a new channel or have I just discovered it. It rebroadcasts a lot of CCTV NEWS programs.


Not going to make any effort to watch any more of Diors Man. That style of comedy makes my skin crawl, it will go in the same category as Mr Bean.


The rest of the stuff I have seen looks promising.

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It's funny it's being compared to Mr Bean, since Mr Bean is neither a skit show or even a talkie.


The show's not really my cup of tea (i.e. it's pretty awful), but I suppose some learners may find it useful listening practice.

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