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Learn Chinese in China

character sheets?


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i'm 汉人/白人 (欧亚人)

i dont know almost any chinese

i used to speak it when i was very little, surrounded by chinese

but i never learned to many characters or speak properly and then i forgot the language

i live in the west but i want to move to china and work there

but first i need to learn chinese

chinese is not a strange language to me, pronouncing chinese is the easy part

but i have no vocabulary

and i don't know how many characters i know

but i think its less than 200

i want to start by learning to write bcuz it is almost pointless to learn chinese if u don't know how to read/write

and if u know the characters it's easier to remember the words too

bcuz of the phonetic parts (like 百 is easy to remember because of 白) and sometimes the meaning parts remind u of a similar meaning too

where can i find character practice sheets online? 9-grid? for example, a book of 1000 basic characters? 非常感谢你 in advance for ur help~!!

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thank you! my original post looks so bad... it's not on different rows like i wrote it! i already installed anki and i find it so so helpful... i think with anki i can also print out empty grids and review my anki cards by hand on the empty grids. empty grid is okay for basic characters. but hanzi grids look great, i will try them! thank you for your help `(ㅅ◡ㅅ)

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i made sheets for characters 1-500~! i combined it so it's now 1 pdf.

*shameless plug* for reference, premium members can create multi-page pdfs from within Hanzi Grids itself :mrgreen: I'm not sure how long it took you to create and combine all those pages, and how much your time is worth, but a premium subscription is relatively cheap and lasts forever :-)

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