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Here are an English version and a Chinese version from two different programs. A bit rough, but sorta still understandable. I wonder which word was translated by Google into "ill-smelling" :D

The JinShanKuaiYi Chinese translation reads a little better. The Google translation (still in testing phase) doesn't seem to bother with translating into English grammar.

From http://translate.google.com/translate_t

The newsinchinese.com which meaning of the word which is included in the newspaper of the Chinese language pop it raises and it indicates. Then technical charge it is reason, but inputting the optional text into the text box, besides the fact that it can enjoy the fact that it is similar to the newsinchinese, dividing composition into the word unit, it shakes pin in, indicates just voice pitch and/or and so on, various convenient functions are quantity, ill-smelling it is the page. The extent which Pinconv something stops wanting to delete the precision of word division it is high, (laughing) also the source of this tool can procure by the way from the Adso Notes. The ホレ am REPT (' the omega `) ノ I probably will study more in this preponderant technical power. It is the case that by the way the newsinchinese has brought the article from the RSS of the Xinhua corporation, but this side copyright how the ろ which is what. Taking permission, kana of the る. It is not necessary kana (it is it cannot boil, to take, or).

From “金山快译”Japanese-Chinese translator:

在中文的报纸上表示流行的提高包含的单字的意思的 newsinchinese.com 。那里的技术担当绳感觉,输入原文箱任意的原文,除了 newsinchinese 和同样的事情能享受之外,把文章当作单字单位分开别针界内球挥已,声调只有表示又....又等,各种各样便利的机能是很多的网页。单字分开的精度 Pinconv 之类划除的く结果大约高 (笑)顺便提一下也从 Adso Notes 能取得这个工具的来源。对这个绝对的技术力 ??陷的ヽ ?( ′ω `)仆人也更学习吧 !

地方个 newsinchinese ,是从新华社的 RSS 具有新闻来的理由,这个变化着作权啦霸道啊。取得允许的る的吗。即使没采用饭野吗 ! (ん绳感觉内科)

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ill-smelling it is the page

Strong, the force with this one is . . .

Where's Hashirikata when you need him . . .


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I will give it a shot:

A Chinese news site newsinchinese.com marks single word meanings with popup messages. The technology used there is what, like with random text input into text boxes, makes newsinchinese and similar stuff fun; the ability to divide an article into word units is simply amazing, and the indication of tones, so on and so forth many different convenient functions offered on the page. The precision of word unit division is so high that PinConv could be eliminated. By the way, you can find its source code from Adso Notes. This overwhelming technical knowledge (sad face) makes me want to study this stuff more.

The second paragraph says you are getting articles from XinHua and that's a copyright violation!

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