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Bunch of things at SOAS: 


All forums will be held from 5pm-7pm, in room G3, SOAS, University of London College Buildings. Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG. Forums are free to attend, no booking required.



“Renminbi Internationalization: How Far Could It Go?”
Professor He Liping, Beijing Normal University

“Policy Implementation and Formation
Beyond the State in Urban Communities in the PRC”
Professor Stephan Feuchtwang, London School of Economics


“The Return of Happiness in Chinese
Socialist Discourse – Ideology’s ‘Spiritual Turn’”
Dr Gerda Wielander, University of Westminster

“Fragments of an Unfinished War: Taiwanese Entrepreneurs and the Partition of China”
Dr Francoise Mengin, CERI /Sciences Po

“Approaches to Addressing the Senkaku/
Diaoyu Island Dispute in the East China Sea”
Professor Reinhard Drifte, University of Newcastle

“How Anti-mercantile were Early China’s Masters of Philosophy?”
Professor Roel Sterckx, University of Cambridge

“Public Attitudes and Health in China”
Professor Jane Duckett, University of Glasgow

“Cultural Heritage and Spatial Governance in Confucian Perspectives”
Professor Wu Zongjie, Zhejiang University


more info


I'm no longer based in London - anyone fancy carrying on posting London events?

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This one looks interesting: 


Dear Colleagues and Friends

We're delighted to announce a very exciting upcoming event: from 1st to 3rd December, Wu Wenguang, one of the most important and influential Chinese documentary makers, will be coming to London to take part in a free programme of screenings and discussions at King's College London:

'Documenting the Memory of China’s Great Famine: Wu Wenguang and the Folk Memory Project'

In the Folk Memory Project, China’s first independent documentary maker Wu Wenguang encouraged his young colleagues from Caochangdi Work Station in Beijing to go back to the villages to talk to their grandparents and the other villagers about an event they knew little about -- the famine that killed tens of millions of people in China in 1960-61. Largely the result of the disastrous “Great Leap Forward” project, the famine is rarely spoken about today. This significant oral history project raises questions about the reliability of memory, the tension between cultural memory and official history, and the value of remembering.

In this very special programme, we are delighted to be able to present films from the project with their directors, Zou Xueping and Zhang Mengqi, as well as a panel discussion on the project and the famine, and also Wu Wenguang’s own personal memory project film and tribute to his mother, Treatment. Synopses of the films and directors’ statements are in the attachment

All events take place at King’s College London, Strand campus and are FREE ENTRY. Please book tickets via the links below.




Monday 1 December
Venue: S-1.04
Time: 16:00 – 18:30
Satiated Village 《吃饱的村子》 (Zou Xueping, 邹雪平, 2011, 88 min) & Q&A with director

Monday 1 December
Venue: K-1.56
Time: 18:30 -21:30
Children's Village 《孩子的村子》 (Zou Xueping, 邹雪平, 2012, 85 min) & Q&A with director

Tuesday 2 December
Venue: S-1.06
Time: 16:00 – 18:00
Self-Portrait: At 47 KM 《自画像:47公里》 (Zhang Mengqi, 章梦奇,2011, 77 min) & Q&A with director

Tuesday 2 December
Venue: S-2.23
Time: 18:30 – 21:30
Panel Discussion on the Folk Memory Project and the Famine
Participants: Wu Wenguang, Zou Xueping, Zhang Mengqi, Professor Harriet Evans (University of Westminster)

Wednesday 3 December Safra 18:30 -21:30
Treatment 《治疗》 (Wu Wenguang, 吴文光, 2010, 80 min) & Q&A with director

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Mark Kitto, who used to run That's Beijing in ... er... Beijing, is speaking at the Meridian Society on Wednesday. Not sure what the magazine is called now (is it still That's Beijing?), but if you go back a decade or so it was the only English language publication of any value in the city. As someone once put it to me (although probably about the website (now the beloved thebeijinger.com) rather than the magazine, "it's fantastic. You can turn up in Beijing for breakfast and by lunchtime it'll have helped you find a job, an apartment, and a girlfriend."


Kitto got squeezed out of the business eventually. He'll probably mention that a bit. 

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Book meeting on four short stories from China, 14 March, 18:45. Read four stories and discuss them with the translators and with other readers.


This looks really interesting, the only reason I won't be going is that it's in London and I am not.

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