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春晚 Chinese New Year Show - build-up and live watching


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I liked the shadow part, but yeah, it did look a bit like male anatomy. 


I fast forwarded all through the military part.


I finally got to see Jackie Chan, I liked the martial arts thing. 


If you're in the U.S., in the central time zone: 新年好!

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#86 -- Trisha --


I was thinking of watching this year since it is a weekend.  Does anyone know what time it will be on in a US time zone?  I'm guess it will start sometime Sunday morning here?


8 PM Saturday night (6 February) Beijing time will be 6 a.m. US Central time the same day.


Here's a table: http://www.timebie.com/timezone/centralbeijing.php


I'm going to Las Vegas this weekend and hope to catch some live local CNY celebrations there. LV has a large Chinese community, plus revelers come from Los Angeles. It will probably be eclipsed by the Superbowl on Sunday the 7th, but am hoping there will be dragon dances or some such on Monday the 8th. Since Mardi Gras is Tuesday the 9th, those three days have the potential to be pretty intense.

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I was planning a day late then! I thought they started showing it on New Years eve, in the evening China time.


I may  not be able to watch much then - Sat. morning I'm taking my daughter to the Asian stores to buy stuff and in the evening we have a New Years show to go to. 

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Does anyone know of any 'plays on words' - can't think of a better term for it - for the year of the monkey?  Like a couple years ago there was a lot of 'ma shang' imagery with money on top of horses, etc. I want to know what to look for on Saturday and at Chinese school and stuff.


Sorry, I wasn't sure where else to post this either.

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I was planning a day late then! I thought they started showing it on New Years eve, in the evening China time.


I'm not sure what day it is. Will check Chinese on-line sources and return to post what I find.




Looks like the main big production is the evening of Sunday the 7th at about 8 pm. That is the night of 大年三十。But there is are reruns the next day.



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