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QQSRX #6 Wang Jiawei’s film The Grandmaster 锵锵三人行


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Episode #6.
Date 2013 年01月22日
Title 王家卫选赵本山演电影 不算败笔 It wasn’t a mistake for Wan Jiawei to pick Zhao Benshan for The Grandmaster

Link to transcript http://phtv.ifeng.com/program/qqsrx/detail_2013_01/23/21509961_0.shtml
Link to video http://v.ifeng.com/news/society/201301/7a418598-f0c3-477e-aef0-53d92312313a.shtml
Youtube link Doesn’t seem to be one.

Host: 窦文涛
Guests: 马家辉 and 林玮婕


I did most of this ages ago, a couple of bits added on from later in the episode, not sure how helpful it is actually to skip around like that. The bit they headline – discussing the choice of famous comedian 赵本山 to play one of the parts of the film – isn’t in the translated part.

Apart from that there’s some slightly dodgy chat about 潜规则 – unwritten rules, in a female actress/singer context has lots of ‘casting-couch’ implications.

They discuss Tony Leung and how he wouldn’t help you change a lightbulb.

This episode is from one year ago. Anyway:

What did you think of The Grandmaster?
What about casting Zhao Benshan?
Do you worry about understanding Wang Jiawei's films?

Edit: suppose I should add: Tony Leung or Sean Lau?

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1       窦文涛:今天家辉比我的心情还要振奋,因为我们终于可以又介绍一为凤凰的美人给大家认识,天上掉下个林妹妹,林玮婕。            

1       Wentao:  Today Jiahui is more excited than me, because we can finally introduce everyone to one of Phoenix TV's beauties, heaven-sent sister Lin, Lin Weijie.

2       马家辉:对啊,我昨天听说今天有一个新的大美人出现,而且姓林,我就以为林青霞。

2       Jiahui:  Yes, yesterday I heard a new beauty would be appearing, and her surname was Lin, I thought it would be Brigitte Lin

3       林玮婕:失望的感觉吗?               

3       Weijie:  So you're disappointed?

4       马家辉:没有,对方的回应是说差不多,都同档次的,那我就过来。

4       Jiahui: No, the person I was talking to said I was pretty much right, that both are in the same class, so I came along.        

5       窦文涛:而且也是爱河边长大的,台湾高雄爱河,我也在那走过,你过去谈恋爱也在那走过是吗?               

5       Wentao:  So you grew up by Love River, Love River in Taiwan's Kaohsiung (city). I've walked by it too. When you were dating did you walk along it?

6       林玮婕:我谈恋爱的时候已经到台北了,应该叫淡水河了。    

6       Weijie:  When I was dating I'd already gone to Taibei, so you should talk about the Tamsui river.

7       窦文涛:高雄。在香港呢有没有又啊?            

7       Wentao:  Kaohsiung. And have you been looking [for love???] in HK?

8       马家辉:高雄经常在沙田城门河走来走去。       

8       Jiahui:  Kaohsiung [Don't understand the references in 7 and 8 to 高雄] you often walk along Sha Tin’s Shing Mun River

9       窦文涛:所以玮婕又是我们的台湾妹妹,你到凤凰工作这么多时间,很多观众都已经在新闻的第一线经常能够看到他,但是你到这来这么长时间,你都应该知道公司里的规矩,一般美女。     

9       Wentao:  So Weijie is another Taiwan-sister for us, you've been working at Phoenix TV for such a long time, lots of our viewers have already seen her on the front-line of the news, but it's taken you such a long time to come here. You should know the company rules. Normally for pretty girls, …




10     林玮婕:现在听起来令人冒汗,现在好紧张。  

10     Weijie:  Hearing that has got me sweating, I'm really nervous.

11 马家辉:等一下,你讲以前,我先讲我的规矩,第一道规矩先来跟我聊聊,然后我觉得还可以才轮到涛哥来聊,可以吗?           

11     Jiahui:  Hold on a moment, before you tell her, let me tell you my rules. The first rule is you've got to talk with me first, then if I'm happy it can be Wentao's turn, okay?

12     窦文涛:所以他们说副导演最坏,我跟你说,一般都得到《锵锵三人行》潜规则一下。        

12     Wentao:  That's why they say the deputy director is always the worst. Let me tell you, normally for anyone coming on QQSRX there are unwritten rules. [does he really say 得到?]

13     林玮婕:继续紧张又开始冒汗。

13     Weijie:  Still nervous and starting to sweat!

14 窦文涛:我都冒汗了,我跟你说,我们的这个潜规则,家辉,要说党的干部如果都能像我这样,风气就好多了,我从来都是什么都不会索取了,先给予姑娘机会,让她发挥她的所长,至于潜规则这个事提都不会提,完全看你自愿,即便你不愿意,我还是一如既往的让你上我们的戏。             

14     Wentao:  I'm sweating. Let me tell you ... our unwritten rules ... Jiahui, if Party cadres could all be like me, the world would be a lot better ... What am I like? I never demand anything. First I give the girl a chance, let her show off what's she's made of … as for unwritten rules ... I never even mention them. All I'll do is see if you're willing. Even if you're not it makes no difference, I'll still let you on our show.




15     马家辉:我告诉你,潜规则这个谁都不能免,男女都不能免,我都受过。      

15     Jiahui:  Let me tell you, no one's exempt from these rules, men and women none of them are exempt, I've had to go through it all.

16     林玮婕:用含着眼泪吗?               

16     Weijie:  Kept your tears hidden?

17     马家辉:我蛮快乐的,后来发现蛮好的。            

17     Jiahui:  I was really happy, I found out it was really good.

18     窦文涛:他的前规则是前后的前,是以前的规则,现在规则改了,现在就是唯有才是,听说咱们玮婕是很有才了。

18     Wentao:  The rules from his past are past [pun alert]  …. Now the rules have changed, now  it’s simply as long as you’ve got talent then you’ll be chosen … , I've heard Weijie is really talented.

19     林玮婕:谁说的,好像知道是谁说的。

19     Weijie:  Who said so, I reckon I know who said so. [unless it's 好想 i.e. I really want to know who said so]

20     窦文涛:没才怎么会去看《一代宗师》呢,为什么我找他来聊,家辉,有这么一个话题真是可以谈谈,我们微博里很多观众都说该谈谈《一代宗师》了,你们谈了《1942》了,《泰囧》你们不都也给糟蹋了嘛,《一代宗师》我也看了,咱们三都看了,谈谈观感,大陆那边讲,两极化的评价,但是我发现香港人好像还是本乡本土,香港这个演艺圈的一般看了都是说完美,都是夸的一塌糊涂,夸的最的就是刘嘉玲           

20     Wentao:  If you're not talented how could you go see The Grandmaster [film]? Why did I ask her here to chat, Jiahui? There's this thing we can talk about, on Weibo lots of viewers said we should talk about The Grandmaster. You talked about 1942, and didn't you all destroy Tai Jiong [or is it 'you didn't destroy Tai Jiong'?] I've seen The Grandmaster, all three of us have seen it, let's talk about our impressions, on the mainland they say, opinions are polarised. But I've found Hong Kong people, maybe they all stick together, … most of the movie people in Hong Kong, once they've seen it they say it's perfect, praise it loads [?], Carina Lau has been praising it the most relentlessly.




21     林玮婕:没办法,你知道另一半总要力挺一下,演宗师当然要力挺一下。      

21     Weijie:  You've got to, your other half will always support it, if you acted in the film of course she'll support it.

22     窦文涛:[bit of chat untranscripted, then:] 你去看了。    

22     Wentao:  You went to see it?

23     林玮婕:对             

23     Weijie:  Yes.

24     窦文涛:您看感觉怎么样。          

24     DTW:  What did you think when you watching it?

25     林玮婕:我觉得刚看完了,说真的有很美的感觉,就是他很多讲的一些台词是什么,就是女生看,少女情怀,看完好揪心,我还特别把他印出来,在我最美的时候遇见你是我的幸运,但是我没有时间,因为待会还有别的录影,后面那句话,就是宫二在最后不是要告诉他,就是诉情怀的时候讲的那句。

25     Weijie:  When I'd finished watching I thought, I really thought it was very beautiful, for instance lots of the dialogue and so on … a woman looking at a young girl’s feelings [?] …  after watching it, really heartrending. I specially printed it out: "To meet you when I was at my most beautiful was my great good fortune.." but I didn't have time, because there was another showing coming up. Later on there's a line, Gong Er [the character played by Zhang Ziyi] at the end doesn’t want to tell him, tell him her feelings, the lines she has then....




26 窦文涛:你看女孩子就记这句,男孩子一般都是说念念不忘,必有回响,还有说人生无悔,如果真的没有后悔,人生岂不是很无趣,就是诸如此类有一些金句      

26     Wentao:  Women remember those lines, men usually remember 'Always remember, there must be an echo [?]' and also 'A life without regrets, if you really have no regrets, wouldn't life be so boring', those kinds of golden lines.

27     马家辉:奇怪,首先我有一点感冒,就是看《一代宗师》的时候感冒睡着,不要误会,我非常喜欢王家卫的电影,我是他的铁杆粉丝,可是我觉得这些京剧就是把王家卫的电影弄坏的,以前上有人经常说,你年纪轻,有没有看《阿飞正传》。            

27     Jiahui:  It's strange. First of all I've got a cold, when I saw The Grandmaster I had this cold and fell asleep. Don't get me wrong, I really like Wang Jia Wei's films, I'm a hard-core fan, but I think this kind of Beijing Opera  is making a mess of his films. Before there were people who often said ... you're young, have you seen Days of Being Wild?

28     窦文涛:张国荣那个,没有脚的鸟。      

28     Wentao:  The one with Leslie Cheung, and that bird with no legs

29     马家辉:我们一起看的这一分钟记得等等,好像很浪漫,用来骗小女孩的,我们看来就觉得说这是败笔,没有理由放这种好像电视剧的京剧,反而像东邪吸毒,很多完全不讲话的,就像你刚说的画面美,整个镜头的美学,我觉得假如能够少一点京剧,当然假如赵本山不演更好,我感觉会更好。               

29     Jiahui:  'The memory of that minute when we saw each other' and all that, very romantic, it was used to cheat the girl, we feel he's got this bit wrong, like Ashes of Time [error in transcripts, should be 东邪西毒], lots of unspoken words, just like what you were saying about a beautiful picture, the aesthetics of the whole shot. I think if you could have less of the Beijing Opera --  and of course if would be even better if Zhou Benshan wasn't in it -- that would be better. [definitely 京剧 not 金句?]





30     窦文涛:但是你说这个我就想起梁朝伟,林妹妹您看这个电影里的梁朝伟,我特别想知道女的观众整个是不是已经醉了。      

30     Wentao:  Saying this you've make me think of Tony Leung. Lin meimei, seeing Tony Leung in this film, I really want to know if all the women in the audience were intoxicated by him

31     林玮婕:我觉得还好。    

31     Weijie:  I think he's okay

32     窦文涛:你免疫力挺强的。          

32     Wentao:  Your immunity is really strong.

33     林玮婕:少女心揉掉丢地下说还去看。

33     Weijie:  Young girl’s hearts, eh? Even when they’re broken they still want to go see him [?]*6*

34     窦文涛:你看梁朝伟从自始至终你觉得怎么样?             

34     Wentao:  You watched Tony Leung from start to finish, what did you think?

35     林玮婕:就是梁朝伟,我觉得他演的不像是个武生,像是个文人,就是文的气息比较重一点,就算他打拳的感觉不像打的很那种,就是血脉喷张,他打的让你觉得很漂亮很美,然后很软软的这样过去,所以我觉得对他来说他就是一个文人。       

35     Weijie:  It's Tony Leung isn't it. I didn't think he played the role of a fighter, but a scholar, that scholar sense was a bit strong. It was the feeling when he was fighting wasn't ... veins bulging, when he was fighting it made you think very pretty very beautiful, then he went off very quietly, so I just felt he was like a scholar.

36     窦文涛:这个里头谁最吸引你?

36     Wentao:  So which of them grabbed you the most?

37     林玮婕:我觉得反倒是章子怡最吸引我。            

37     Weijie:  I think actually it was Zhang Ziyi.





38     马家辉:....我去年在上海有个活动跟梁朝伟一起,我出发前就跟那些年轻女生说梁朝伟,每个人都尖叫,我说我会见到梁朝伟,就尖叫起来,后来我继续讲,还有刘青云在场,那些女生叫的更大声,原来我发现,至少我碰到那一群女生90%是喜欢刘青云胜于梁朝伟,我是完全没想到。               

38     ... Last year I had an event in Shanghai with Tony Leung. Before I left I told some girls I'll be seeing Tony Leung they all screamed. Then I said that Sean Lau would be there, they screamed even louder, so I realised, at least 90% of women I've met like Sean Lau more than Tony Leung, I'd never thought it.  

39     窦文涛:你有这个感觉吗?          

39     Wentao:  What do you think?

40     林玮婕:都还好,免疫力太强,我可以理解为什么?你知道梁朝伟太帅了,你无法拥有一个太帅的男人,你守不住他,感觉刘青云是会守在身边,他把你挡子弹,但是我是梁朝伟,我肯定家里电灯坏了你要去修,然后坐在这边,干得好。            

40     Weijie:  They're both ok, my immunity is strong. I can understand why. Tony Leung is too good looking, you can't have a man who is too good-looking, there's no way to hold onto him. I think you could keep Sean Lau by your side, he'd take a bullet for you … But if I’m Tony Leung and I’m at home and there’s a broken lightbulb I’d be ‘you go fix it’ and I’ll sit here, ‘good job’. [think this is right…]

41     窦文涛:所以你看我们今年选美中华小姐的时候我介绍刘嘉玲,我就是说多少女人梦想着拥有她的才华,她的容貌,她的老公,刘嘉玲这么多年也真是。

41     Wentao:  So you see if we introduce Carina Lau at a Chinese beauty contest this year, how many of the girls there would dream of having her talent, her looks and her husband ... Carina Lau for some many years, really...

42     马家辉:可是他们不敢拥有他,他们宁可拥有刘青云,然后找梁朝伟当小三,那是最理想的状态,刘青云是个基地,出去打猎,猎梁朝伟,把梁朝伟猎下去当个小三,那些女生不一样,很会想的,跟我们一样。   

42     Jiahui:  But they wouldn't dare have him, they'd rather have Sean Lau, then get Tony Leung as a lover, that's the ideal situation, have Sean Lau as your base, then go out hunting, hunt Tony Leung, hunt him as your lover, aren’t women the same,  I really think, they're the same as us.

43     窦文涛:现在是什么呢,在电影里梁朝伟失去了,把宫二当成二奶的机会,我就说还是讲这个电影,几种意见我能理解,因为我在影院看的时候,旁边有人一直在打哈气,所以我也能明白,也有人觉得闷,或者觉得这个故事没有完整性,可是怎么说,我老觉得王家卫入戏太深以后,他跟我们的状态已经不太一样了,其实你要说,有人说王家卫的电影看得懂,看不懂,《重庆森林》,还有一个叫《2046》到现在我也没有看懂过,但是好像无所谓,反而这部电影我看懂了,即便没看懂的地方我也知道,再看一遍就能看懂了,因为你知道他光这个电影剧本就写了六部电影剧本的量,拍这个电影拍了三部电影的量,最后咱们现在看到的是一部电影。            

43     Wentao:  So, in the film, Tony Leung lost the chance to have Gong Er as his mistress .. but let's talk about the film, I can understand lots of people's opinions, because when I was in the cinema, on one side there was someone yawning the whole time, so I can understand that some people were bored, or feel this story is incomplete. But I've always thought that when Wang Jiawei gets so deep with his films, his situation is a bit different from ours. Some people say they can understand his films, or can't ... Chongqing Express or 2046, even now I can't understand them. But I don't think it matters. And this film I actually understood, or at least I know that if there are parts I don't understand I will once I watch it again. Because you know, he wrote six scripts worth of plot for this film, he shot three films worth, and in the end we see just one film.

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7       窦文涛:高雄。在香港呢有没有又啊?

8       马家辉:高雄经常在沙田城门河走来走去。       

First: does the give us you've been looking for love in HK?

Second: I don't get these two references to 高雄, especially the second one -- what's it got to do with the Shing Mun river in Hong Kong?


12     窦文涛:所以他们说副导演最坏,我跟你说,一般都得到《锵锵三人行》潜规则一下。        

- I don't think he says 得到 here? I think it's just 到, hence: for anyone coming on QQSRX there are secret rules.


14 窦文涛:... 要说党的干部如果都能像我这样,风气就好多了,

Is "the world" or "society" or some broader meaning than just "atmosphere" okay for 风气?


18     窦文涛:他的前规则是前后的前,是以前的规则,现在规则改了,现在就是唯有才是,听说咱们玮婕是很有才了。

18     Wentao:  The rules from his past are past [pun alert]  ….

I think I've understood this correctly as a pun? Instead of 规则 it's 规则, secret rules but previous, old ones.


20   ...都是夸的一塌糊涂,夸的最的就是刘嘉玲。           

Not too sure how to translate the first part -- gave it a whole load of praise?

Also relentless for


25     林玮婕:...女生看,少女情怀

a woman looking at a young girl’s feelings -- is this right?


26 金句       27 京剧      29 京剧

Not sure if the transcript is correct, that it's 金句 in the first instance and 京剧 in the next two ....? Are we talking "golden lines of dialogue" or "Peking opera-type dialogue" or both?


40     林玮婕:...但是我是梁朝伟,我肯定家里电灯坏了你要去修,然后坐在这边,干得好。            

But if I’m Tony Leung and I’m at home and there’s a broken lightbulb I’d be ‘you go fix it’ and I’ll sit here, ‘good job’. -- think this is right?

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1       振奋 zhènfèn v. ①inspire; stimulate ②rouse oneself ③exciting; encouraging

2       林青霞 Brigitte Lin (actress)

5       爱河             en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love_River

8       城门河        http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shing_Mun_River

9       第一线 dì-yī xiàn p.w. ①forefront; front/first line ②most crucial part of an operation

12    潜规则qián guīzé secret/unwritten rules

12    一如既往 yīrújìwǎng f.e. just as before/always; as always

20    观感 guāngǎn n. impressions

20    两极化 liǎngjíhuà n. polarization #v. polarize

20    本乡本土 běnxiāngběntǔ f.e. native village/place

20    刘嘉玲  Carina Lau (actress), wife of Tony Leung

25    揪心 jiūxīn s.v. topo. ①anxious; worried ②heartrending; agonizing

26    回响 huíxiǎng v. reverberate; echo

26    岂不 qǐbù v.p. how couldn't/wouldn't

27    铁杆粉丝   tiěgǎn fěnsī        die-hard fan

29    败笔bàibǐ n. ①faulty stroke in calligraphy/painting ②faulty expression in writing

29    镜头 jìngtóu n. ①camera. ②shot; scene


笑场 xiàochǎng n. entertainer's silly laughter

抛开 pāokāi r.v. ①disregard; not worry about   ②throw away/aside

绝技 juéjì n. ①unique/consummate skill ②feat; stunt

窝囊 wōnang s.v. ①good-for-nothing②vexed ③annoying索取

辟谣 pìyáo v.o. refute a rumor

招牌 zhāopai n. ①shop sign; signboard ②reputation of a business

磨平 mópíng r.v. ①smooth/polish by rubbing ②wear down

吝啬 lìnsè s.v. stingy; miserly

气场 = presence, aura

故事线 storyline (I assume)

传奇 chuánqí n. ①Tang and Song short stories ②Ming and Qing poetic dramas ③legend; romance

哺育 bǔyù v. ①feed ②nurture; foster


38    梁朝伟 Tony Leung (actor)

38    刘青云 Sean Lau (actor)

43    完整性 wánzhěngxìng n. integrity; wholeness; completeness; perfection


唯美 wéiměi n. estheticism

情调 qíngdiào n. ①sentiment; tone and mood; taste

张爱玲 Eileen Chang writer

交错 jiāocuò v. wr. interlock; crisscross

致志 zhìzhì v.p. concentrate one's energies on

文戏 wénxì n. Chinese operas characterized by singing and acting; theatre show without acrobatics

返场 fǎnchǎng v.o. thea. return to the stage for an encore

俗套 sútào n. conventional pattern; convention

对照 duìzhào v./n. contrast; compare

帅气 shuàiqi s.v. ①beautiful; graceful; smart ②handsome; elegant

经纪人 jīngjìrén n. broker; middleman; agent

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Re 7, I suspect the 找 is a typo. Could it be 走 instead.

Re 8, perhaps 高雄 here refers to a person's name? Some actor?

Re 21, 另一半 is the better half. Carina Lau is married to Tony Leung.

Note - I have not watched the episode.

PS - re 12, perhaps that 得 is dei3?

Re 25, consider women watching the film with young girl's feelings.

Re 40, right.

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In 7, that 高雄 isn't Dou's, it's Ma trying to butt in. Dou talks over him. Ma then manages to say that in Kaohsiung people go for walks along the 城门河, rather than the Ai River, as Dou had said. I think the 沙田 is a place name there, rather than Hong Kong's?


14. Off the top of my head, I might just say 'Things'd be much better'. 


18.Yeah, it's a pun. Also, see 唯才是举 - 只有有才能的人,才任用, so you can't sleep your way to the top / onto the show. 


20. Maybe falling over themselves? 


26 I think should be 金句 -the quotable lines don't suit the movies, I guess. 


40. I can't hear what she's saying clear enough, but I think it should be 要是梁朝伟, you'd have to change the lightbulb yourself, and he'd sit there and say 'well done'. Not sure on this though. Or is it 但如果是?

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Thing is, earlier they say she 是爱河边长大的,台湾高雄爱河 - so she was born in Kaohsiung before moving to Taipei. Bit of a coincidence if he suddenly starts talking about someone with the same name as her hometown...


I really should be working...

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