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Chongqing (experiences, life, accommodation, courses)


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Dear all,


Happy new year! I hope you’re all getting a break and enjoying yourselves!


I was wondering if there were any people around experiences of living and studying in Chongqing; whatever you might like to share, I’d listen!


I’m curious about a respectable, no fuss, Chinese language course and a safe place to live for a girl


In case anyone finds time to help me out, I’d really appreciate it


Happy CNY!



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I'd like to know more about Chongqing too as my daughter wants to visit there next summer. She mainly wants to see the 'Spirited Away' replica but I figure there's bound to be lots of other things to do there as well. I hear it's hot as hades in the summer, served as the wartime capital, and is now a special economic zone like Shenzhen. Don't know much else about it. How is accommodation? Is it expensive?

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I hope I can be of at least a little help. Last summer I spent about a month on a trip with my university in Chongqing. We mainly stayed in the Beibei district because our host university, Southwest University, was there. Due to the mountains, each district feels like it's own city. Beibei felt small and more relaxed, but the downtown area, Jeifangbei, has many modern skyscrapers, Rolex, Tiffany Co. Etc.

The weather in summer is unbearably hot and humid, but in spring and fall my friends say it is pleasant.

We didn't splurge on expensive things really (college doesn't allow for that haha) but food and souvenirs were much cheaper here than in Beijing. Each meal on the street was usually around 6 yuan (less than a U.S. dollar)

That's all I have right now, but if there's anything else you want to know just ask!

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could you please help me little .. 

i am going to chongqing to southwest university, beibei district for masters. i have no friend in there and have little information abut the city. i am taking my family with me could you please help me to find a good school for a small kid near southwest university and how to get one room apartment must be fully furnished. 

can i get your e mail please . ( send me in private ) i have been going through internet to get contact some one in there .

i will appreciate if yu could help me. 

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