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Try to translate(chinese students' textbook)


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Here is another one about Spring. I am just learning to use (trial and error) NJ STAR, and "lu" for 'green' didn't come out correctly.

I couldn't find 'green' with the 'thread' radical. Sorry!







This is an especially loved poem, as I found it minutes before I left China during my first visit. I was trying to spend my last couple yuan, as I thought I wasn't supposed to leave the country with it, so the poem cost me about 30 cents! I treasure it!

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Jo-Ann, the first character of the first five verses of that poem make up 春江花月夜, which is a famous poem of Tang Dynasty and a famous piece of traditional Chinese music.

The poem in Chinese -> http://www.lingshidao.com/gushi/zhangruoxu.htm

The poem in English -> http://www.thedrunkenboat.com/zhang.html

The music ->


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Skylee --- Thank you so much for that information! I had no idea! Even in English, the words paint a beautiful picture. I looked up Zhong RuoXu in my Tang poetry books, but he wasn't listed. So I will type the poem out and add it to the books myself.

As soon as I heard the music, I recognized it immediately. I have it on several tapes in my collection but the title is "Happy Spring Evening" 欢乐春江花月夜. It is a calming lovely piece of music. It is one of my favorites along with Ah Bing's "Er Quan Ying Yue" -- 二泉映月. Another beautiful melody, altho from a more modern musician.

(I used the simplified character, as I have to learn a little more about NJStar to find how to transpose to traditional characters)

But -- again, thanks for the links. I really appreciate it.

And GouGou ---- Yes--- the 'V' works just fine! Thanks a lot for that tip. Somewhere I have a listing on how to convert letters with markings, by using the ALT key, but using the 'V' is so much easier. Thanks!

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