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The 'Share Your Shelves' Thread - post a photo!


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Just had a look back at some of this thread, including the posts over the last year or so and have finally posted a photo (about 2-3 years old) of my current desk area on the deskies thread as requested by Shelley.  :lol:


I'll post updated shots on both threads once we've got moved and settled into our new home. We're having to move to be nearer to mum as she needs a lot of care these days, and I'm also using the move as a catalyst to adopting a far more minimalist lifestyle and am halving my possessions, including reducing my approx 1100 books down to below 500, with 250-300 as a medium-term goal (<200 long-term).  I've finally got a kindle and a tablet computer. :shock:   Chinese books I hope to cut down a bit by continuing to work through them and pass them on when complete. :wink:

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Hello Shelley, well I have just browsed through it... havent read it straight.. it comes with a CD. Just like the same Chinese books it has phrases on it.. (too lazy to read). Also some of the recent books that I bought no time to read. I want to read the book written by the President of China Xi Jinping. Anyway need to blurt this... hard to be a Chinese culture lover though nowadays since the people I know some of them gave me a negative comment or they will make fun of me like China lover we will send you to Spratly's island and make you as offering to the Chinese. (You know because of the West Philippine Sea issue). Especially when I play Chinese music thru my pc in our office while working. 

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I don’t have many textbooks or books related to learning because I often get e-books for those purposes and I just got rid of my HSK 1-4 books. Most of these are just comics and novels. I’ve got quite a few Japanese books (most are recipes, arts and crafts and interior books), which I don’t quite know why because I don’t know any Japanese. I’d love to learn it once I’m comfortable with Chinese but most of those Japanese books I bought 8-9 years ago and the only reason I bought them was to look at the pictures 🥲



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On 5/4/2021 at 3:52 AM, Jan Finster said:

Bumping this gem of a thread. (Since I only have ebooks, I cannot contribute😥)

I'm sure nobody would complain about a screenshot.


What a cool thread. I'll post some of mine later if I remember.

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